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Super tanks in the bodybuilding world can not be trained in this life.

Ancient people used tiger back to describe the power of men, and in the bodybuilding sports, the tiger’s back bear waist is obviously not suitable for them! Because the bodybuilder is pursuing the “tiger back wolf waist”, that is, the best proportion in bodybuilding: the visual effects of wide shoulders and waist, the top tank back of these people’s bodybuilding worlds cannot be practiced in their lifetime! This is the real inverted triangle!

Basic points of the bodybuilding tank: The shoulder width dimension, the dimension and thickness of the latissimus dorsi muscle, the separation of large round muscles, the ratio of the trapezius muscle, the ratio, thickness, and separation of the dimensions and thickness of the latissimus dorsi muscle!

Strange back thickness of foreign bodybuilders! The proportion of the lower part of the latissimus muscle and erector spine is particularly important because it is born! If the lower part of the latissusius is enough, the thickness is enough to form the 3D effect of the lower back, this situation can be encountered!

The back of the back of the body of the bodybuilding Emperor Ronnie Kurman and the back of the bodybuilder Dorian Yitz is not only the upper back, but the muscle separation is also very high even in the season! Their large -dimensional tank back cannot be practiced by ordinary people all their lives! This requires not only stronger muscle engineering, but also perfect talent!

The picture above belongs to the effect of strength to lift the bear’s back, and the bodybuilder not only requires the dimension, but also the proportion and separation of the muscles! The ratio of the tiger back is the back of the bodybuilding tank! This is also the biggest difference between bodybuilder and strength to lift Gulles’s body!

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