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Super League-Zhang Yingning Jiang Xiangyou broke the door to Dabao Dana Hong Guoan 2-1 Guangzhou City

On November 21, the 26th round of the 2022 Super League will compete, and Beijing Guoan will go away to challenge the Guangzhou City team. In the first half of the game, Zhang Yuning and Jiang Xiangyou broke the goal. In the second half, Dabao dyed the red and left the game. Gillar Plum made a penalty kick and broke the goal. In the end, Guoan defeated Guangzhou City 2-1 away.

In the 3rd minute, the Guoan team passed on the right. Zhang Yuning nodded the goal and was blocked by Han Jiaqi in the goal line. Then Gao Tianyi shot the empty goal and scored the same goal. In the end, the ball was counted as Zhang Yingning’s name. Guoan 1- 0 leading Guangzhou City.

In the 23rd minute, Li Tixiang fell to the ground and shovel to the middle of the penalty area. Wang Gang split the ball to Jiang Xiangyou. Essence

In the 60th minute, Guangzhou City attacked on the right, Li Tixiang’s foot heel was wonderful. Liao Jiajun was knocked down by Naijiang in the penalty area. The penalty was canceled.

In the 90th minute, Li Yongjia hit Cao Yong’s hand in the penalty area. After looking back at VAR, the referee blown a penalty kick, and Glasty’s one time he pulled back a city; the final game ended, 10 people in Beijing Guoan ended. Defeat Guangzhou City 2-1 away.

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  1. Call donkeys also called at night, disturbing the people

  2. Is this the professional team lost to the county team

  3. Now look back. In the first stage, Xie Feng took the Meizhou Division played by Guoan. Yes, the six teams at that time were now in the standings. Among them, Cangzhou and Chengdu had the results of overthrowing the leader. At the time, Guoan had only one point in Cangzhou. There are 8 games in the doll turtle [Laughing Cry]

  4. Wuhan was the champion [ Hee hee]

  5. The donkey meat was burned with a mouth. Essence I changed my teeth

  6. This year Guoan can only find feelings in the top three in the relegation area

  7. Reply
    TheSouthernSongDynastysurvivor 11月 22, 2022 at 2:11 上午

    I remember more than once. I was not vigilant in the penalty area.

  8. Rogue is always a hooligan.

  9. The two teams in Guangzhou do not have to worry. Maybe the turtle is disbanded at the end of the season. Hand ball.

  10. It seems that Guoan has been sentenced to four penalties in the last five games?

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