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Super League-Tessiev to equalize Lin Liangming’s lore Shenhua 1-2 Dalian people

At 19:30 on December 9th, Beijing time, in the 30th round of the Super League of 2022, Shanghai Shenhua played against Dalian. In the first half, Wang Yaopeng and Lin Longchang twice in the middle column.In the second half, Zhu Jianrong, who debuted by the bench, broke the goal, Tessiev’s shot quickly equalized. Lin Liangming’s header completed the overtake. In the end, Shanghai Shenhua lost to Dalian 1-2.

In the 12th minute, Zhu Ting passed on to the right, and Shenhua was not tight in the penalty area. Wang Yaopeng grabbed a shot to hit the pillar. Dalian people missed the opportunity.

In the 34th minute, Yang Xufei shoved the king Yaopeng’s ankle, and the referee directly showed the red card to punish Yang Xu.

In the second half of the game, in the 48th minute, Cao Yingding played a free kick to find the post. Jiang Shengliang cried out, Zhu Jianrong took the goal in the penalty area, and Shanghai Shenhua led 1-0.

In the 50th minute, Shenhua’s defense line was penetrated, Lin Liangming fell to the ground and was shot by Zeng Cheng. Then Tessiev made a shot and was taken back to remove the ball from the goal line. Tessiev kept up again.Type the score.The score on the field is 1-1.

In the 82nd minute, Shen Hua was unable to siege. Dalian header in the penalty area went into the penalty area.Dalian people led 2-1.

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  2. Yang Xu returned him to the local locals in Dalian

  3. Xie Dao Niu X

  4. It seems that Sun Shilin and Qin Sheng taught Yang Xu to [hee hee] [hee hee]

  5. Xiaojiazi Qi, no grace.

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