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Super League-Stan Qiu Yuanyue Moon Save Davidson shoots three town of Wuhan 2-0 Zhejiang

At 20:00 on December 27th, Beijing time, the 33rd round of the Super League in the 2022 season, Wuhan Sanzhen Team faced the Zhejiang Team at home in Wuhan Sports Center.In the first half, the three town teams in Wuhan occupied the advantages on the field, but unfortunately they could not be divided.Before the end of the halftime, Davidson made a free kick. Stanqiu made a penalty directly. The ball fell into the net nest after the ball was around the wall.In the second half, the Zhejiang team dispatched troops, and the situation on the field was slightly better than the first half, but the two sides could not change the score.Davidson made penalty kicks and hit himself.In the end, the Wuhan Three Town team defeated the Zhejiang team 2-0 at home.

In the 5th minute of the opening, Xie Pengfei, 30 of Wuhan Three Town Team, was on the bottom of the ball on the right. The ball was blocked by the goalkeeper Gu Chao.Just two minutes later, the three town teams in Wuhan forced the ball to play the ball on the right. On the 11th, Davidson inserted the ball and shot the far corner. The ball was fluttered under the goalkeeper Gu Chao.In the 13th minute, Davidson shook left and right in the penalty area, and finally shot the far corner, and the ball was slightly out of the bottom.

In the 17th minute, Davidson sent the oblique plug on the right. On the 30th, Xie Pengfei suddenly inserted into the penalty area and shot. The ball was hit by the goalkeeper Gu Chao and then entered his arms.In the first half of the injury stop time, Davidson, No. 11 Wuhan Three Town Team, was blocked by the opponent’s penalty area. The referee Ma Ningguo punished a free kick. Stanqiu took the penalty to shoot directly., Wuhan Three Town Teams 1-0 whistle ahead of the Zhejiang Team.

Before the start of the second half, the Zhejiang team was replaced by three people, Wang Dongsheng, Zhong Haoran and Gu Bin appeared on their substitutes. Zhang Jiaqi, Gao Tianyu and Aisha River were replaced.In the 55th minute, Evolo made an corner kick in the frontcourt. Gu Bin was punished to the middle of the penalty area. On the 30th, Mu Xiekui rushed to the top, and the ball leaned out of the goal.

In the 70th minute, the three town teams in Wuhan counterattacked, Stanqiu sent a wonderful pass. On the 30th, Xie Peng flew straight after the ball, Davidson No. 11 shot in time in a timely manner, and the ball was switched by the goalkeeper Gu Chao. The Zhejiang team escapedOne calamity.In the 74th minute, the high -ranking wing that debuted on the bench shook Matthew’s defensive and shot an outer spinning ball. The ball was blocked by the goalkeeper Gu Chao.

In the second half of the injury time, Davidson, 11 of Wuhan Three Town Teams, broke into the penalty area from the left, and was put down from the left.Lead the Zhejiang team.Subsequently, the referee Ma Ning sounded the whistle end of the game, and the Wuhan Three Town Team defeated the Zhejiang team 2-0 at home.

Both sides launched a lineup:

Wuhan Three Town: 3-Wallace, 4-Yinya, 11-Davidson, 12-Zhang Xiaobin, 18-Liu Yiming, 21-He Chao, 22-Liu Dianzuo (goalkeeper), 25-Deng Hanwen, 30-Xie Pengfei, 37–Xu Haoyang, 43-Stanqiu

Sanzhen substitutes: 1-Wu Fei (goalkeeper), 2-Xiong Fei, 6-Duan Yunzi, 8-Deng Zhuoxiang, 10-Sang Yifei, 16-Yang Kuo, 17- Qu, 20-Grade Wing, 29-Tao Tao Tao, Tao TaoQianglong, 31-Rosenwen, 32-Lu Haidong, 40-Zhang Hui

Zhejiang Team: 1-Gu Chao (goalkeeper), 2-Liang Nuoheng, 4-Sun Zhengao, 7-Evolo, 10-Matthews, 16-Bao Shengxin, 21-Aishajiang, 26-Gao Tianyu, 28 28-Yue Xin, 29-Zhang Jiaqi, 30-Mu Xiekui

Zhejiang substitute: 3-Wang Yan, 5-Liu Haofan, 8-Zhong Haoran, 17-Longwei, 18-Abu Mattham, 20-Wang Dongsheng, 24-Li Yilei (goalkeeper), 27-Zheng Xuejian, 31-Gu Bin, 33 33-Ro Zhao Bo (goalkeeper)

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  1. Pull it down, is there a difference between the first team in China and the second team?Intersection

  2. Reply
    Thedreamtorealizethedream2022 12月 28, 2022 at 2:14 上午

    It is better to retire, and the retirement is not shameful. There are only a few healthy teams in the team. Three goalkeepers and four guards are forcibly sent in handy.

  3. Congratulations to Sanzhen!

  4. No wonder three towns, how many opportunities to overtake Shandong, three towns, Shandong just, three towns lose, Shandong lost … as if twins, let the three towns magically keep so many net wins all the way to keep the ball all the time.In the last game, there was almost no suspense. Tianjin and Beijing probably retired at the same time, and the final estimates in Shandong and the three towns were consistent.Even when Shandong lost in three towns, it is absolutely active now.

  5. This round of the three towns is hard to say that it is just a touch of Zhejiang.Because Zhejiang is the top three stumbling blocks in a certain port.

  6. If the assumption you said, the Chinese Super League champion will be criticized for a long time. At the end of the season, the game can be extended due to illness, and then it cannot be extended due to illness and cannot be abandoned.The basic fairness has been changed.

  7. If there is no surprise in the last round, the championship in the three towns this year is considered to be.I just want to ask the boss of Sanzhen, is there any confidence to stay in Chinese football for ten years?

  8. Chen came to the stage, adhering to the reform of the superiors to reform, which made some of the original teams that had a problem, but it also gave the opportunity to promote the promotion of lightly. This time, the top ten promoted horses were examples.Shengma, never before. Imagine that if there was no reform, Suning would not leave, Evergrande continued to be strong, and Huaxia Happiness would not sell Malcon. So what situation will this league?

  9. Without foreign aid, the national team members are like headless flies, and the results are like that!

  10. Without foreign aid, it becomes the current Guangzhou team!

  11. All rely on foreign aid, this is not helpful for the national football team!

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