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Suning exit: the champion flash collapse-super player throw away the big toy

Source: Cao Sizhen Lazy Bear Sports

The excavator enters the two natural football lawns in the Xuzhuang Football Base that has been vacant for nearly 4 months. The office building on the west side is printed with a wall of “Our Home (Our Home)”. ruins.

In mid -June, Jiangsu Football Club’s home was gone.

It is less than 3 minutes away from the football base. It is the headquarters building of Suning Group. When the Lazy Bear Sports came here in late April, on the square between the base and the headquarters, the banner of the “Suning Youth Training” had not been removed, and the slogan “Common Growth” was on the side.

Suning -the parent company of Jiangsu Football Club, the difficult time, continues. Since it has fallen into a liquidity crisis in 2020, Suning has been dealing with the problem of lack of money. According to “Caixin” statistics, the “Suning Department” due to about 16 billion yuan in 2021. On June 16, the listed company Suning Tesco applied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for a temporary suspension. On June 15, Suning Tesco’s stock price fell to 5.59 yuan.

The last time Suning’s stock price was low to this position, it was August 2013 eight years ago. At that time, Jiangsu football was still in the “Shuntian era”. In Guangzhou, Xu Jiayin took a large number of banknotes and corporate management concepts just broke into the field of professional football, and won the first Asian championship in November of the same year. A era, known as “Golden Yuan Football”, officially started.

The last application for suspension of trading in Suning Tesco was February 25, 2021. Three days later, Jiangsu Football Club issued a suspension announcement. On March 29th, the Jiangsu team did not appear in the 2021 season professional league access list released by the Chinese Football Association. They became the first league club to dissolve the dissolution since the 27th year of China’s football professionalization.

Along with the withdrawal of the Jiangsu team, the Chinese Football Association has increasingly invested in management policies for professional football. In the 2021 season, the total investment limit set by the Chinese Football Association to the Super League club is 600 million yuan. This number announced by the New Third Board listed company “Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club Co., Ltd.” in 2019 was 2.29 billion, which was 1.34 billion less than the loss of the year.

The trend brought by the policy seems to show that the crazy “Golden and Yuan Times” that belongs to Chinese football has ended.

When the base became a ruins, Jiangsu Football Men lamented while celebrating the former team captain Wu Xi led the Chinese team to enter the World Cup qualifiers again in the top 12 of Asia. The joy of this time and the loss of the old days came to mind. Looking at the naturalized players wearing a five -star red flag jersey on the screen, the doubts in everyone’s hearts are getting bigger and bigger:

For so many years, Chinese companies have spent so much money on football and what did they leave?

Champion city

Lazy bear sports came to Nanjing on the day of the 2021 season.

Xuzhuang Football Base was not demolished at that time. However, compared to Suning on February 28, the people before and after the suspension of the shutdown have come and go, which has returned to peace. There are no more fans who pull the black and white banner with “blood that is difficult to cool and defend the Jiangsu team” to protest; in the legend, “holding a telescope” and trying to see the football journalists have left; No matter how vigilant, a security guard told Lazy Bear Sports that they had been notified -not allowed anyone to take pictures in and out, “including players”.

According to past conventions, Jiangsu team captain Wu Xi will hold the league championship trophy into the stadium in the opening ceremony. However, he joined Shanghai Shenhua after the team’s shutdown, and was scattered in various teams of the professional league with his former teammates. The Super League trophy was sent to the court by a drone. A former Suning club staff said to a lazy bear sports: “When I saw that picture, I collapsed all of a sudden.”

From Nanjing to Suzhou, the fastest high -speed rail only takes 44 minutes. Under the special background of the new crown epidemic, Suzhou almost hosted all important games related to Chinese football in 2021: the Super League, the Women’s Football Olympic Games, and the Men’s Football World Cup qualifiers (have been replaced to the UAE Shajia in Shajia due to the prevention and control of the epidemic) … The closed “competition system” competition requires local resources such as Sports, medical care, and security in Suzhou. It also includes a piece of Jiangyin Sports Center Stadium in Wuxi City. According to the media counterpart in front, “If you run into a traffic jam, it takes more than 2 hours to drive from Suzhou District.”

At the policy level, the fire of enthusiasm is far more than in Suzhou. In mid -March, before the Chinese Football Association announced the professional league access list, fans from Yangzhou, Changzhou, Xuzhou, Taizhou and other places responded. On the exterior wall display of the large shopping malls, the slogan of “Jiangsu must not have no Jiangsu team” appeared. The Chinese administrator of the “Transfer Market” website and the Nanjing people Zhu Yi joked on the lazy bear sports: “Football finally let the‘ bulk Jiangsu ’unite.”

Nanjing has become the most “twisted” one. Compared with the positive enthusiasm of the surrounding cities, the traces of football are “disappearing” in this former Super League champion city.

The slogan of the outer wall of the mall was quickly withdrawn, saying that “the relevant departments required not to accept a similar slogan”; when Jixiang transferred to Taishan, Shandong, Jiangsu fans bought a sports special version of the Qilu Evening News, Send a blessing to this local player.

It’s not just the old smell of “suspension”. In the high -level provincial newspapers “Yangtze Evening News”, Lazy Bear Sports did not see any reports on the opening of the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League. Nanjing fans Liu Yu told Lazy Bear Sports that she learned from a local media journalist that “this is also a requirement for related parties.” Super fans

Football has become deserted, and even to some extent is limited. Such a scene must not be seen by Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Group.

At the end of 2015, Suning Group bought the Jiangsu Shuntian Football Club from Guoxin Group at a price of 523 million. Later, it was renamed Jiangsu Suning Football Club and Jiangsu Football Club.

In addition to buying the Jiangsu team, Suning also spent 263 million euros in the summer of 2016 to acquire nearly 68.55%of the Italian Milan Club, becoming a major shareholder of Serie A giants. The group’s sports media company “PP Sports” won the top media copyright of the top-level IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP in 2019-2022.

Public data of Lazy Bear Sports, Suning Group’s cost -related costs related to football in 2016 reached at least 9.138 billion yuan. In the 2016 annual report of Suning Yunshang Group Co., Ltd., the total revenue of the year was 148.585 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 704 million yuan. The net profit of deducting non-recurring profit and loss was -11.08 100 million yuan (that is, losses).

A source of a well -known investment institution told Lazy Bear Sports that Suning was crazy about the sports track during the time, and it was related to their huge cash at that time.

Fund comes from Ali Group. In August 2015, Suning Group and Alida became an important strategic investment. Ali invested in Suning with a strategic investment of about 28.3 billion yuan, becoming the second largest shareholder; Suning subscribed to Ali New issuance shares with no more than 27.8 million yuan for 14 billion yuan. This investment later brought greater cash flow to Suning.

Since the release of the State Council’s Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry to Promote Sports Consumption “(Circular No. 46), sports has become a popular investment track. Ma Yun also entered the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club in June of the same year. At the press conference, he claimed to “only use 15 minutes (with Xu Jiayin)”, and said that “Alibaba invests in football for happiness, not to play money.”

Football agent Tang Hui also acquired two Spanish low -level clubs after the introduction of Circular 46. He told Lazy Bear Sports that from the perspective of investment and management experience, Zhang Jindong is likely to be a “understanding of the ball” boss: “International Milan, the top giants in the world, has been operating for almost 5 years. He has seen all the time, and there is no lack of relationship. “

Understanding the ball is a very subjective judgment, but almost all people related to Suning Club have said that Zhang Jindong must be a “real fan.”

“Zhang Jin East weekends really spend time watching the game.” Tang Hui participated in the operation of Mubarak Wakaso to join Jiangsu in the winter of 2020. He told Lazy Bear Sports that a club executive told him that in a conversation between Zhang Jin and the founder of Fosun Group and the premier Super League Wolves, Zhang Jindong’s understanding of the Wolves players “obviously no better than Lao Guo” Essence

An external executive who had had a deal with Zhang Jindong told Lazy Bear Sports that Zhang Jindong’s headquarters had two big TVs. When he saw him, he happened to play football games.

Beginning in 2018, with the launch of a series of policies to restrict investment, Suning Club’s spending in the transfer market has also shrunk significantly. But this does not mean that Zhang Jindong’s interest in football is reduced. In the summer of 2019, he was close to the huge sum of money to buy Real Madrid star Garez Bell.

According to a senior international football reporter Binyan in the football show “Super Anthology”, Suning had reached an agreement with Bell himself and the brokerage company at the time. Lorentino didn’t let people go. “

According to reports from Chinese and foreign media, it can be speculated that Zhang Jindong had prepared more than 1 billion yuan again in this transfer, including a super contract with more than 20 million euros annual salary that Bell himself had accepted, and you needed to pay. The transfer fee of nearly 60 million euros to Real Madrid, and the equivalent “transfer adjustment fee” stipulated by the Chinese Football Association (similar to the NBA luxury tax).

Zhang Jindong usually goes to the Xuzhuang base to watch the training, and every season will invite the team head coach to eat. A person familiar with the matter told Lazy Bear Sports that after the first stage of the Super League in the 2020 season, Zhang Jindong was very satisfied with the team’s second place in the team. “”. According to his memories, Zhang Jindong even knew the details of the details of the rules of the event and the information of the opponent’s information. He also talked about the judgment of the second stage of competition, reminding the head coach to focus on whether the foreign aid of the Chongqing team is really true. No longer participating.


In 1990, Zhang Jindong opened the first air -conditioning store on a facade of about 200 square meters in Nanjing. At the intersection of Jiangsu Road and Ninghai Road, it was named “Suning”. Thirty years later, Suning changed his body and became the second place in the list of “Fortune 500 National Private Enterprises”. The business scope involved in retail, real estate, investment, finance, cultural and creative and other industries. According to the “2020 Hurun Rich List”, as of August 28, 2020, Zhang Jindong’s personal wealth reached 102 billion yuan. The business group such as Suning, even if it is a “super fan”, Zhang Jindong’s time to allocate to football is naturally very limited. Prior to 2019, the club’s overall work was Ren Jun, a director, vice president, and secretary of the board of directors of Suning Yunshang. Some staff members recall lazy bear sports, “Old Ren likes football, can play football, and sometimes even report some foreign players names that we don’t know.”

But at that time, Liu Jun, the general manager of the club of the Shun Tian period, was responsible for the more fine daily management work. The latter was previously a cadre of Guoxin Group. Since 2010, he has participated in the management of the club and transformed into a professional football manager. After the 2018 Chinese Super League season, Liu Jun stepped down as the general manager of Suning Club and went to the Chinese Football Association to serve.

The management of the club to professional football people is Suning’s management and operation ideas at this stage. In addition to the general manager Liu Jun, Suning also hired former professional players Gong Lei and Li Jinyu to participate in the team’s competitive management.

In the 3 seasons (2016-2018) in the “Ren Jun-Liu Jun” era, the Jiangsu team has experienced 4 foreign coaches in Petrosku, Cui Longxuan, Capello, and Oulao. Net investment exceeds 1 billion yuan. Investment quickly, the club won the 2016 Super League and the Football Association Cup double runner -up. At the same time, it also entered the knockout stage in the 2017 AFC Champions League.

That is the era when Suning Club has the most investment in the Super League. In the two transfer windows of the 2016 Nature Year, Suning Club spent a total of 850 million yuan in recruitment. This number continued to decline in the following years, only 4 million euros (discount of 30.8 million yuan) by 2020, less than 4%of the four years ago.

Decreased investment is affected by two factors internal and external factors. The external cause is a series of policies that restrict investment in the summer of 2017, including the establishment of transfer adjustment fees, the establishment of a “salary cap”, the total investment in each season, and so on.

The internal reasons are related to Suning’s own changes in the condition of funds. According to the public information disclosed by the listed company Suning Tesco, from 2015 to 2019, Suning Tesco invested more than 70 billion yuan from foreign countries, including a strategic investment of 20 billion yuan in Evergrande in 2017. In November 2020, Evergrande’s backdoor deep houses returned to the A -share listing plan and failed. The return of this investment became a bubble in the short term. From the perspective of many commercial media, this has become the “last straw” that crushes Suning’s cash flow.

Decreased investment is also directly reflected in the change of operating ideas and the replacement of club management. In 2019, Wang Zhe, Secretary of the Party Committee of Suning Holdings Group and vice president of Suning Evolution, replaced Ren Jun as the leader of the club, and the official title was “Chairman of the Jiangsu Suning Football Club”.

At the same time with Wang Zhe, the team leader Wang Jian and general manager Yin Chenglong. Wang and Yin had no professional football experience before, and they were all middle managers of Suning Group. As a result, the “Suning Group” officially replaced the former “football people” and became a new generation of management and operators in the club.

The adjustment of Suning’s management has brought the opportunity to Tang Hui, the newcomer Tang Hui in the agent industry. He is one of the few guests who have done business with Suning after 2019. “Wang Zhe is not a circle. The interests and business logic, do not look at the so -called relationships and fame. So I can compete equally with other big -name agents. “

As a result, “spending a small money” did not affect “doing big things.” In the 2020 season, the five foreign aids in Suning’s championship lineup. Except for Terra, Edel, Santini, Miranda, and Wakasso’s transfer fees did not exceed 6 million euros. In addition, according to the statistics of Lazy Bear Sports, in the five Chinese Super League season in 2016-2020, Suning Club ranks 4th in the transition market (investment-income). In the Super League champion, Hebei Huaxia Happiness did not even reach the AFC Champions League, while Tianjin Quanjian had announced the dissolution in early 2020.

Of course, the reduction of costs in international transfer is also related to Suning’s choice and establishment of the transfer channel -Edel and Miranda are directly transferred from Suning’s Inter Milan Club.

Another reason for the reduction in transfer costs is that Suning Club has almost no longer sign new domestic players since 2018. A club employee revealed to Lazy Bear Sports that in Suning, the technical analysis post in charge of player ability assessment, under the jurisdiction of the club, did not report directly to the head coach like other clubs. The list of players who handed over to the club management, the head coach did not fully know, let alone like it.

After the Jiangsu team’s last coach Oulao, after cancellation of the contract with the club, he also complained to the Romanian media: “The players I want were not bought.”

“Player is not a product”

Several Suning Club employees told Lazy Bear Sports that they could feel the control of the group’s operating costs after the 2019 season. They even believe that Wang Zhe, the chairman of the new club, “comes with the task of saving money.” The most direct feeling is that their bonus disappeared a large piece. Within the team, employees’ income is generally divided into basic wages, bonuses and competitions. The first two are written in the contract, and the awards are equivalent to additional rewards. According to a number of employees who have experienced from Shuntian to Suning period, after joining Suning, the income in the contract “almost no rise”, but the competition award can increase their annual income by 1.5-2 times.

After the summer break of the 2019 season, the club cut off the competitions of other employees other than players and head coaches. The head coach Olaroe is extremely dissatisfied with this and believes that it will affect the atmosphere in the team. He once held a meeting in the locker room, calling on the players to “win a little winning award for each person, give the staff to divide together”, and received consent, but when he reported this plan to Wang Zhe, he was rejected.

This incident aroused many internal complaints at the time. “It can only be understood that he (Wang Zhe) does not care about the emotions and achievements of the team at all, as long as the goal of saving money is achieved.”

Due to the epidemic reasons, the Super League in the 2020 season canceled the main and away games and changed to a concentrated competition. As the vice president of Suning Yichao, who was in daily affairs, Wang Zhe failed to follow the team into the area isolate. However, the employees in the two teams told Lazy Bear Sports that throughout 2020, “even during the base period, Wang Zhe had not seen Wang Zhe.”

But his participation in daily operations and even details beyond imagination. In contrast to the team training, Wang Zhe personally convened the club employees to hold two remote voice meetings during the epidemic, and cut off a washing cost of 300,000 yuan per year. Execute yourself. A club staff told Lazy Bear Sports: “We have a laundry schedule. The club takes a total of 3,000 yuan per month as a laundry subsidy (it is not fulfilled in the end), and the washing machine also found the sponsor Samsung. “

The employee was also a member of Suning’s “1200 project”. He believed that the control of cost was derived from the deep -rooted retail gene. “All aspects of the group’s retail are comparing the price.” But the practical experience of the club’s front line made him think that the business of retail cannot be resolved in the management of the football club, and the law of the football industry should be It is an electrical product, and the team manages emotional people. “

Looking back at the development process of Chinese professional football clubs in the past 10 years, Xu Jiayin tailored by the “Chairman Leadership of Chairman” for Guangzhou Evergrande Club was unique and helped Evergrande stand on the top of Asia twice, eight times to get it, eight times, and eight times. Under the Super League champion. Under the rules printed by the Xu family, the Italian coach Lippi has a great right to speak on everything on the club. Logistics and other work.

Perhaps Zhang Jindong enlightened Wang Zhe, trying to copy such a model of reuse business management talents. However, in Suning Club, the head coach Oulao You did not have any right to speak under the court, and his duties and authority were limited to the arena.

Olaroei was caught in the middle of the “management who hopes to save money” and “players and employees with dissatisfaction”. He has no way to control the management method of employees in bonuses and workload. But he understands that although football is played by players, everyone in this team is as important as the player’s competitive state.

During the epidemic in 2020, the club did not pay employees for 3 months. All kinds of rumors about the “group reduction of budgets and even selling clubs” make people’s hearts. A team employee told Lazy Bear Sports: “It was really anxious at that time. I graduated from college last time. At that time, I was almost 40 years old.

Olaroe smelled the anxiety in the team. Before entering the Dalian competition area, he personally took a bag full of 100,000 yuan to the base and sent a red envelope to each employee. “The only thing you have to do is to see the team members the next day to see the team members Smiling from the heart, I just ask you like this. “

Several team members told Lazy Bear Sports that in those days, Olaroyou did not adjust any adjustments to technical tactics, but the active and optimistic attitude in the team passed to everyone.

The Jiangsu team led by the “Suning Group’s Management+Oraroy” finally won the first top league champion in the history of the club under the special competition system of the 2020 season. Olaroyu once again paid for each staffhip and bought a newly listed Apple phone for each staff member.

Before the FA Cup finals one month later, Ji Xiang, the player who ended the training, was going to sign a new covenant. But before the writing, the contract was temporarily withdrawn by the club. The familiar and unreasonable plot staged again, and Oulao was powerless. At this time, Jiangsu Suning was actually unable to return to heaven.


After winning the championship, the new mobile phone presented by the head coach came with the group’s award -winning order from the chairman Zhang Jindong. That was the last time the club received the group’s news.

Before returning to Nanjing from the Suzhou Division, the player received a notice of “Cancer was canceled” in the WeChat group. This caused several foreign aid, including Santini. They have long decided not to participate in the FA Cup event, but in order to participate in the celebration banquet, they specially changed their tickets to return to China. An internal staff told Lazy Bear Sports that he knew that the cancellation of the celebration banquet was due to the “sensitive cause” disclosed by some inconveniences of foreign aid. However, he believes that the original means of communication can be more humane, “even if a reason?”

Zhang Jindong mentioned football in the last time in public. It was the 30 -year -old celebration banquet on December 26, 2020. In that speech, football, a track that invested tens of billions of dollars, was described by Zhang Jindong for “the social responsibility of the enterprise.” He also mentioned “business that has nothing to do with retail, to be cut, and the turn.”

That is the period when Suning Group’s capital pressure is the greatest. According to the Suning annual report data, as of the end of the third quarter of 2020, Suning Tesco’s account funds on the account of only 30.837 billion yuan, of which exceeded 20 billion yuan was unusable for limited funds; during the same period, Suning Tesco’s short -term loan was 28.097 billion yuan The non -current liabilities expired within one year were 4.616 billion yuan, with a total of over 30 billion yuan. From the perspective of business logic, the priority of the fiscal crisis is naturally much higher than the “social responsibility.”

Two months later, on the eighth day of the first month of the first month of 2021, in the Welfare speech of the Spring Festival of Suning, Zhang Jindong’s speech changed from “the transition” to “the level of the level.” This time he didn’t mention football anymore. On February 18, one day ago, the second -stage winter training of Jiangsu, which was originally planned to carry out, was postponed, and the team members said that “did not receive any notice.”

Over the past two months, the head coach Oulaoyou announced his own contract with the club. The club’s business department received a notice before the Spring Festival and asked to stop negotiating new cooperation. The coaching team received the information and asked to make a good job of participating in the new season of the Chinese Super League with the “Quanhua Class” lineup. Earlier, the club’s total annual costs were about 1 billion yuan.

On February 28, the Jiangsu Football Club after the completion of the neutralization was officially issued a statement of suspension. On the same day, the players were stopped by the security guard at the door of Xuzhuang base.

▲ On February 27th, the day before the shutdown statement, the Jiangsu team players completed the last training at the Jiangning base. After the training, they took the “2021 season family portrait” themselves.

After the statement, the Chinese Football Association has not announced the “access list” for the 2021 season. In mid -March, some media reported that the Jiangsu team might regain the qualifications of the Super League, but some players had signed a contract with the new club at that time. According to Lazy Bear Sports, there is this content on the contract signed: the Jiangsu team disbands and takes effect.

Yes, no one knew what would happen at the time. The players do not know, the Jiangsu Club does not know, and the other Super League clubs do not know.

At 2 pm on March 29, four Jiangsu team players Zhou Yun, Yang Xiaotian, Ge Wei, and Yao Ben came to a artificial grass base in Hexi for training. There are 6 club staff under the field. During the training process, news came from the group that “the Chinese Football Association will announce the list of professional league access today.” They understood that the boots finally fell. “Because of these four players, there is no news on the club.” The club staff told Lazy Bear Sports.

They did not receive any notification from the club from beginning to end.

A source close to the club’s senior management told Lazy Bear Sports, “In fact, the boss has also seriously considered selling the team or operating at low cost for one year.

This statement has not been recognized by the financial circle. A source from a securities firm told Lazy Bear Sports that the Jiangsu Club stopped operation and Suning was not directly related to Shenzhen financing. Although Suning Club has followed the operation of the management team and the final achievements, he followed the previous operation of Evergrande Club, but he still believes that Suning has “no suitable professional managers” in sports.

In the 2020 season called “We are the champion”, several foreign teachers with negative gas retreat were pulled in. They were all indispensable parts in this system, but the Chinese Super Champion Team again Can’t pieces together.

As for the “super player” behind Zhang Jindong, he had stepped on the hottest beat into the dance floor, and took the lead in leaving the field at the most difficult moment. When he entered the market, he had a lot of money and hoped to manage football in a way other than traditional experience, but in the end, he will win a Super League champion and a Serie A champion at the time of difficulties. Remember this?

After winning the championship for 5 years, the flash collapse after winning the championship was only 108 days apart. Super players threw away their beloved toys, but I am afraid that I did not find the wealth password of Chinese football.

(Lazy bear sports also contribute to this article)

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