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Summary of Korean media 2022: Shen Zhenyu led South Korea to “overwhelm” China and Japan

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A few days ago, the Korean media summarized the performance of South Korean chess players in 2022.In the past year, South Korea has won the Nongxin Cup, Shen Zhenyi has taken the LG Cup and the Samsung Cup, and Wu Yizhen won the Wu Qingyuan Cup.Under the leadership “overwhelming” China and Japan.

In February, Shen Zhenzhang won the championship at the LG Cup and launched the first shot; in August, he won the Guojian Mountain Cup Cup and won the Samsung Cup in November.In addition, the only players who won the championship in the international individual competition were Shen Zhenyu.

At the Nongxin Cup at the end of the month, the South Korean team successfully achieved two consecutive championships with the four consecutive defeats of Shen Zhenzhang’s nine consecutive sections.

In terms of women’s competitions, Wu Yizhen won the Wu Qingyuan Cup for the first time. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Cui Jingjiu seized the second history of women’s players in the Samsung Cup in the Samsung Cup.

Although China failed to avoid disadvantages, the new generation of competition achieved great achievements.The 18 -year -old Wang Xinghao and 19 -year -old Tu Xiaoyu won the Globis Cup and Nie Weiping Cup under the age of 20, respectively. This is also the championship won by China’s personal competition.

Fortunately, Zhou Hongyu, Wu Yiming and other female will play well, helping China to win the championship in the first lakeside cup women’s team competition. Japan and South Korea are ranked two or three.

Compared with South Korea, which hosts nearly 40 competitions, China also continued to “open stores and rest business” in 2022.In the 22nd years, only the Chunlan Cup and Nie Weiping Cup held in China.Players are absolutely insufficient because of actual combat, and it is difficult to maintain the state.For South Korea, the disadvantage of the United States is the loss of the LG Cup final at the end of the year (November).

▲ Shen Zhenjiu, who won the MVP at the Go Awards Ceremony.Speaking of his year -end scoring, he said: “By the middle of this year, it seems to be close to 100 points; at the end of the year, it will be about 20 points.”

The number of confrontation between the Korean and Central War has decreased compared to the previous year.With South Korea as the standard, the winning percentage of large -scale games is 23 wins and 17 losses, and the winning percentage is 57.5%.If including the Nongxin Cup, the Guojian Mountains, and the Chinese enclosure, the winning percentage is 51 wins and 29 losses, and the win rate is 63.75%.The previous year was 43.9%and 55.4%, respectively.The record with Japanese players is 14 wins and 4 losses, and the record with Chinese Taiwanese players is 3 wins and 2 losses.

In terms of international competitions, Shen Zhenzhang’s nine sections are absolutely ahead with 20 wins and 2 losses.The win rate exceeds 90%.Not only is the victory, Xiao Shen has also played a lot, and the winning rate naturally occupies an overwhelming advantage.

Before the LG Cup semi -final was defeated to Yang Ding’s new nine sections, Shen Zhenzhen won 11 consecutive victories in the professional competition, and won 19 in this year’s international competition.(Starting from November 24, 2020, 32 consecutive victories in the game with foreign chess players, scored 24 consecutive victories in the game with Chinese chess players)

The number one in China in China is 2 wins and 4 losses in the international competition.The best results are the LG Cup and Chunlan Cup.In 2022, Yang Ding’s new nine sections, which were held in the top eight in 2022, achieved 6 wins and 4 losses.

At the end of the year, Li Xuanhao, who came to the second place in China, achieved 80%(4 wins and 1 loss), ranked first among Chinese chess players.

(Nie Weiping Studio 11; Content compiled from Hanyou.com)

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