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Su Mao Zhenli Ting the Taishan Team: Looking forward to winning the “Double Crown” in the 2021 season

At 19:30 on the evening of January 9, the annual finale of Chinese football -the Football Association Cup final is about to start.Shandong Taishan will have a strong dialogue with Shanghai Harbor. Before the game, the famous Chinese football Su Su Mao Zhen also issued a text to support the Taishan team.

Su Maozhen posted a set of pictures of the Taishan team to celebrate the league champion on Weibo, and wrote: “Looking forward to the Double Championship of the 2021 season in Taishan in Shandong”.

The Shandong Taishan team won the “double crown” in the 1999 season 22 years ago. Su Maozhen was the captain of the team of the year. Now, as the old captain, he sent his sincere blessing to the current Taishan team.

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