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Stone: The weakest of England is the line of defense?That said, it is insulting

The start of the World Cup is about to start. The outside world’s evaluation of England is strong in midfielder, but the defense is worrying.

Although the current World Cup England recruited nine defender and coach Sosgate is likely to adopt a lineup of 3 defender, they have always been criticized by the outside world.

As for being said to be weak, England’s central defender Stonus expressed his dissatisfaction and expressed his views: “I feel that this is insulting people., I completely forgot their outstanding performance in the international arena. “

The 28 -year -old Manchester City central defender vowed to say: “We will not be affected because of this, and we will always stand up at a critical moment. This is what we have been doing in the past 5 years, especially the last World Cup.And the European Cup. “

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  1. Fudden, Palmer is it

  2. What is NATO, you do n’t know, just open your mouth, think you know the same! At first glance, it is coal!

  3. Stone is a peerless genius cultivated by me to youth training? Intersection Intersection Intersection There is no youth training player! Intersection Intersection Are you sure you are fans?

  4. You … Stonus is 50 million melon flowers from Ta Fei Sugar. Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

  5. Benzema is not NATO?

  6. Sometimes the truth is really ugly …

  7. Stupid, the first four of the World Cup and the European Cup runner -up, depend on you? Is there one that can be comparable to England in the last 5 years?

  8. The weakest of England is the front line, which is not available.

  9. Old weak brigade, where do you say weak?

  10. The weakest of England is the coach. Xiufu is unable to face the big scene

  11. Reply
    ||PekingUniversityAlumniFathao 11月 20, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    Which line of England is not bad

  12. is good, you are right. England is weak in three lines!

  13. One stone and a horse head, what else can you say? Fortunately, I did n’t recruit Gomez, or I ’m fat, Arnold, Matthaga Gomez, this day. Of course, Dell and stones have great potential.

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