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Still him!CTCC Macau Station is fighting against the legend!

CTCC澳门站激战正酣 荷夫再续传奇!

CTCC Macau Station is fighting against the legend!

On November 19th, the 69th Grand Macau Grand Macau Racing welcomed the first finals of the finals. The CTCC China Automotive Square Professional League and TCR Asia International Automobile Asian Series also sounded the tenth round of the final round of the season. On the Dongwangyang track, CTCC witnessed the “King of Macau” Heff to live up to the legend, and a lot of masters struggle; the stimulating and smooth game continued, adding a wonderful part of the current Macau racing.

Jiencing the east, the legendary king again

The Grand Macau Macau Grand Race has always been a place where heroes are. The “car god” Elton Senna’s Macau journey has been chanted today, and the classic duels of Schumacher and Hakinnan make the car fans talk. In the RV arena in Macau, British driver Robert Heff is also a legendary driver. The world champion has won 10 Macau championships before this contest, with the name of “King of Macau (King of Macau)”.

This year, CTCC, who appeared in the Grand Macao Grand Macau Macau in the first independent race, gathered a good master of Chinese and foreign RVs, including the four Macau champions of Zhu David, Wang Risheng, Zhang Zhiqiang and Hutf. The carrier Polf, who has participated in the CTCC events and achieved a brilliant record in Macau, has naturally become the biggest topic of the competition on this site. Sure enough, the champion driver fixed his losses in the line in yesterday’s qualifying. In today’s first round finals, Hoff once again led the king’s posture again, and won the championship in this round without any doubt. Heff welcomed his career breakthrough again, and his personal Macau’s victory reached an amazing 11 times! CTCC witnessed the birth of a legendary record.

The joy of the Holf after the game is overwhelming: “This champion is not easy. You must know that the Dongwangyang track is very thrilling and the rhythm is changeable. Every game is a challenge for yourself. The track like me, not that I am suitable for running Macau, but that Macau chose me. This is my eleventh victory in Macau. The first time I won the CTCC Macau branch championship. This is my honor and all The records that drivers dream of! “

Take the car as the media to help urban development

Take the car to the city with the people to increase the rendering and popularity of the city’s car cultural atmosphere. China Macau has no doubt that a strong stroke has been painted in the world racing sports.

Starting in 1954, the Grand Macau Grand Macau has now become a classic IP of the Macau Special Administrative Region. Car, sports enthusiasts and local families from all over the world gather. As one of the most concerned about the automotive national competition in China, CTCC has naturally become one of the most important part of this competition. This time, CTCC visits Macau. While expanding the influence of the brand’s brand, it also allows more mainland audiences to know Macau in depth of diversified channels such as live broadcasts, online celebrities, and commercial propaganda. Nearly 30 cars and track heroes gathered Dongwangyang track, crowned the blood, and authentic names for their dreams. Behind the wonderful race, CTCC once again uses racing as a medium to play the ambassadors of exchanges and cooperation in various places. I believe that in the future, more in the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao regions will be reached.

The expansion of the event is the beginning of CTCC for progress, and the Grandi Conference is an important carrier for Macau to stimulate the vitality of the city. I believe that the two will work together to create an unprecedented event cultural event.

The “Red and Green War” Macau reproduced, and the Raptors of the Raptors crossed the river

Today’s Super Cup continues the overall fierce pattern of CTCC this season. The rod driver MG XPower team’s Hutv was the first after the start, leading the car array steadily. The shell leader of the Shell Kakai team driver Zhu David and Zhang Zhiqiang, who competed in the same game with the super stick competition, occupied the top three seats. Their teammates Wang Risheng also quickly ranked among the top cars from the rear.

As soon as Hefu rode, his teammate Cao Hongwei surpassed the opponent of the Lingke camp to the second place. The green MG XPower camp formed a leading group. However, Cao Hongwei later slowed forward due to the failure of the car.

In the end, Hoff won the Super Cup and the TCR Asia championship with the first line of the audience. Zhu David and Wang Risheng won the runner -up and third runner -up of TCR Asia.

The MG XPower team won the super cup in this round, and Zhang Zhendong and Cao Hongwei won the runner -up and the third place. The annual dispute between them with the SAIC Volkswagen 333 team has intensified.

Zhu David also said that the center of gravity of himself and the team is still in the contest of the annual champion: “Our car does not have the advantage in terms of performance balance and widening aggravation, so it is not easy to try to attack opponents. The annual advantage is the focus. After the semi -half of the game, you need to pay attention to the condition of the tire to avoid the situation of serial bursting as a tire like last year. “

Wang Risheng was satisfied with the results of today’s game: “In the standings and my teammates, I am more disadvantaged in terms of the weight of all races and can make a faster time on the track. I am very happy to make a wonderful competition with the opponent. I look forward to bringing back valuable points and trophy for the team. “

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