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Stereaden 63 chasing the stadium records tied for the third round of the Dengli Race

Beijing time on December 11th, 37-year-old South African native Ockie Strydom rushed to the front on Saturday on Saturday, tied with 63 (-9) to Tigerxi, AmericaThe rural club’s single-wheeled minimum rot record, joined hands with the last round of Scott Jamieson, the third round of the DP World Tour-Dengxi Road Championship with two advantages.

Stelden, who is 384th in the world, captured 1 eagle and 8 birds in the top 15 holes. If it was not swallowed a bogey in the back, he could create a new stadium record, but after 63 shots were handed over, it was 63.The total score of 201 (-15) jumped to the top of 54 holes.

Stereden will impact the first DP World Tour Championship on Sunday, but it will not change everything.”I will do the same thing, just like my performance every day. Playing golf games, if the champion comes, then come, if not, you still have the next week’s game.”

Jamen, the leader of the second round of Scottish ball, got 5 birds, swallowed 3 cypresses, and played 70 (-2), saved the first place in the side, and also had the opportunity to compete for his second DP World Tour.champion.”This is a solid day. Just as expected, today’s stadium is a bit more difficult, the roller is faster than yesterday. (Observatory final) is why we play golf. There will be some excellent balls here.The hand rushes to the top of the performance list, so Sunday will be an exciting day. “

England player Dale Whitnell (66) and 2 South African players Dean Burmester (68), Oliver Bekker (68), 203(-13) The total scores in the tideline are tied for 3rd.

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