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Stay like Joan Ram: Learn to the champion to maximize your power

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Todd Anderson is the teaching director of the US Tour Teaching Center at TPC Sawgras. This stadium is the home of the player championship.The 2010 nationwide PGA coach witnessed his students accumulated more than 50 victories in the US Tour and Glorious International Tour, including two federal express cup champions.He is currently rated as one of the top 20 golf coaches in the United States by Golf Digest.



In this teaching, Anderson explained that most US tour players usually use large amplitude, easy to collapse, and Joan Ram to maximize the distance to maximize the distance.difference between.Ram played amazing power in the recent sentry championship, and played 7 more than 400 yards. It was the largest of all the US tour players since 2003, and helped him make up for 7 shots in the last roundThe gap won the eighth US tour of his career.

1. Ram’s swing

Everyone associates the length of the strike and the length of the swing, but Joan Ram proves that players can use a short upper pole to generate huge power.His upper body turned completely, and his hip rotation was the smallest, and his arms extended more to the side of the chest.Ram created a leveraged system, with a 90 -degree angle between his forearm and club, and another 90 degrees from the back arm and body.The position of the arm and the smaller rotation between his lower body and the upper body created a shorter upper pole.

2. Traditional swing

The traditional kick -off swing movement looks smoother. It is characterized by a long forearm movement. When the pole is on the top to the top, it is more parallel to the ground, and the rotation amplitude of the hips is larger.Through the length of the swing, players can create greater power.Ram created power through torque action. When the upper pole rolled up like a body spring, when the lower pole began, the lower body began to release first, and then the shoulders, arms, hands and clubs.He bent his wrist while playing, which minimized the rotation amplitude of the pole surface during the hit, which helped him improve the accuracy and stability of the ball.

3. Ram’s touching moment

The lever effect and torque generated by Ram at the upper pole, as well as the action order of his movement before touching the ball, allowed him to produce such a great power.The reason why this swing method is effective for Ram is because of his physical structure and each swing steps that perfectly cooperate with it.

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