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Stanqiu: Winning originated from kicking out of the championship, it still needs to be seen

On November 21, the 26th round of the 2022 Super League, Wuhan Three Town Team defeated the Meizhou Hakka team 3-0 at home.After the game, the foreign aid of Wuhan Three Town team accepted the media interview.

When the reporter recovered the status through the rest period, Stanqiu replied: “Our team has not changed much compared to before. Today’s game has played our spirit and unity.It’s close to the end. If you want to fight the championship, you still need to work in front of us. Now the most important thing is that we must play like a whole, and it will be seen whether it can be seen in the end. “

When asked if confidence in the championship, Steinqiu said: “We have a few rounds of competitions from Taishan, Shandong. Now what we want to do is to kick the next game with the Shenzhen team.When the Taishan team comes, we will also make our best preparation. “

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