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Stanley: When difficulties, the team members have ambitions to learn from the Football Association Cup lesson

In the 26th round of the Super League, Guangzhou City 1-2 Beijing Guoan, Beijing Guoan coach Stanley attended the press conference after the game.

During the comments, Stanley said: It was very difficult for us to make the game ourselves.The competition is actually not so good at the beginning of 5 minutes.After that, we took over the game, but the efficiency was not good, and we scored two goals.Although the ball entered after the end, we were still very bad for us.Then from time to time, the opponent threatened. I told the team members to keep alert. I couldn’t kick and fall asleep.In fact, it is dangerous at 2-0, because the opponent will score all the goals.Because we ate red cards, the game became more and more difficult.So I hope that the players will learn from this game, and hope that they can score three goals in the future to kill the game.Although there are imperfections, they still have to praise the players, because they are ambitious at the time of difficulties.We have to learn from the Football Association Cup and put them behind our heads, and use the next victory. This victory is very important, otherwise we will carry out a dual pressure.

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  1. Six -eared macaque is actually good in technology … Young players are much stronger than Guoan!

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