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Spurs fans ask to play badly to dive the signs

On December 9th, Beijing time, the San Antonio Spurs today faced the Houston Rockets at home. Before the two teams started, the Spurs’ large quantities of fans entered the venue. The jerseys worn by the two fans attracted the attention of netizens.

One of the players was wearing No. 4 jersey, but the English letters on the back were “rotten”.Another fan wearing a No. 1 jersey, the English letters written on the back of the jersey are “Wensiama”.

When the two walked into the field together, they were taken by a fan.The slogan “For Wen Ban Yama Rotten” also made many people feel funny about it.

At present, the Spurs are ranked first in the west with 6 wins and 18 losses. Their current winning rate is only higher than the Orlando Magic team, ranking 29th in the league.

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  1. Even if the assassin is the first, it may not be able to get the Wenbaniama. Besides, the Wen Ban Yama may not be able to play the level of his hometown, especially the rebounds, the rotten batch

  2. The Spurs must make another legend

  3. How many days ago, the photos were taken out of the water again, and it became before the Rockets today?Do n’t urinate a little bit of arms and face … self -media …

  4. I do n’t retire, and I typed less.

  5. Why does Popovich retire? This is the night festival.迷

  6. The result fans are disappointed

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