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Sports evaluation of this round of Guangzhou Derby: Guangzhou team won the initiative

On December 9th, the 30th round of the Super League will usher in Guangzhou Derby. The Sports Weekly issued a post that this is a relegation battle of 6 points.

According to the report, the Guangzhou team with a 1 -point advantage can theoretically accept the level, but the result of the draw will also push them on the “Huashan Road” that must be relegated in the final points to overwhelm the final points.In the first round of Guangzhou Derby in mid -September, Guangzhou City, who fought at home, won 3 points with a long shot from the younger Li Yongjia.According to the Rules of the Super League of the 2022 season, when the two teams are in the same score, they first compare the two rounds of the season of this season.The advantage will become worthless. Even if the two teams are in the end, Guangzhou City will be ranked among the advantages of the two rounds this season.

For the Guangzhou team, it is not realistic to have the advantage of relegating hope in a large net winning ball with a great variable. Winning the game is the biggest bargaining chip to keep the Super League qualification.As long as they win, their advantages will expand to 4 points, then the next task is to keep this leading advantage in the last 4 rounds of the league.The same reality is also in front of Guangzhou.If they can kill their opponents in Derby, they will also surpass 2 points in the Guangzhou team and re -goes beyond their opponents.

In order to fight on Saturday’s relegation, both teams have been prepared in advance.In the match with Tianjin Jinmen Tiger on Monday, the Guangzhou team only asked Hao Junmin to take about 70 minutes and rest for about 70 minutes.There are no big lists.The two coaches of Huang Bowen and Zhang Chenglin, who were injured in the game with Dalian, were most likely to catch up with the latter.Even so, the Guangzhou team has neither home advantage nor foreign aid, and can only fight for victory by never giving up the spirit of hard work.

After drawing Tianjin Jinmen Tiger’s match, Zheng Zhi encouraged players in the team’s dressing room to continue to play the spirit and performance of hard work and longing for victory.Fu Bo, the technical director of the team, also said that getting 1 point is worrying and joyful. “A point is not so happy. Both sides have a chance, but we hope to win this game, especially the younger youth, especially the younger youth.Team members are better than we expect. This shows that after so many games, the team members are also mature. We hope that maintaining this stability in the game will become better and better.”,”

In contrast, the rotation of Guangzhou City can be described as bold and thorough. Li Weifeng directly let the nine main players who lost 0 to 1 to Tianjinjin Tiger rotated to rest. Only Chang Feiya and young defender Zhang Jinliang continued to start.Although Li Weifeng did not care too much about this result with 1 to 2 in the end, “In the next game, we want to win in Guangzhou Derby. Such a rotation is a good result in the next game.”

Whether it is the Guangzhou team or the city of Guangzhou, which team wants to complete the relegation task this season, winning the Derby War on Saturday is just the first mountain on the road to relegation. The next 4 rounds of league will still be a one -off.A decisive battle.From the perspective of the schedule, the difficulty of grabbing the Guangzhou team is much higher than that of Guangzhou City.

In the last 4 rounds, the Guangzhou team will face the Hakka of Taishan, Beijing Guoan, Changchun Yatai and Meizhou in Shandong.The Guangzhou team only scored 1 point on these four opponents this season (0-0 away from a away long -lasting long Chun Yatai), and the difficulty of getting the score again has continued.In contrast, the last four opponents of Guangzhou City are Shanghai Shenhua, Hebei Team, Shenfu, and Cangzhou male lion, which can at least get 5 to 6 points into the lowest target.In other words, the balance of relegation has begun to tilt into Guangzhou City, where the points are temporarily lagging behind. The first task of the Guangzhou team is to win the Derby War. Otherwise, the desire to relegation will only be the night.

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