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Sports: Before the battle of Tianwang Mountain War, Wang Dalei will come out of Jin Jingdao to go with the team

The 30th round of the Super League will usher in a key battle to determine the championship this season. Shandong Taishan will match the three towns of Wuhan.Wang Dalei, the main goalkeeper who has previously been forbidden, will come back.

One year ago, when Hao Wei led the Shandong team to win the Harbor of the Harbor, he discharged a set of three -middle guard formations in the opposite state, successfully defeated the wins, and laid the general trend of winning the championship; and this season, he fought again at the Harbor at home.In the end, they also won a victory.Today, in the face of the most critical World War I will be, what kind of strange soldiers will Hao Wei sacrifice?

At present, the outside world is very worried about the competitive status of the Taishan team, mainly because the Taishan team has not trained enough some time ago.However, Hao Wei didn’t care too much about this. “Before the 7th, the team arranged training together. Today (8th), there is also adapting to venue training. I believe we can prepare for the game in a good state.”He is still confident to the outside world.

Regarding the preparation of the war, the most pleased thing to make Mount Tai is the goalkeeper Wang Dalei returned to this campaign.In the five games that Wang Dalei was absent, the Taishan team achieved 3 wins and 2 losses.The two defeats encountered were still in the second goalkeeper Han Yanze.Hao Wei acknowledged that “Wang Dalei stopped the game for a period of time, and it still had a great impact on the team. But now the situation has improved slightly. He can come back in this ball.”,”

The so -called relatively complete lineup is based on Sun Junhao, Liao Lisheng, and Duan Liu Yu, and there are still people who can stand up.In this regard, Jixiang recently began to turn back the back, and the teenager Abdrus Su Li also launched many times in the team.However, from the outside world, if you want to overthrow the three towns of Wuhan, if you play cards, I am afraid it will be easy to fall into the powerful defense of the Three Town Team.

After losing to the Cangzhou team, there was also a reflection inside the Taishan team.Especially for the midfield, who is more suitable when Sun Junhao is absent?Of course, it is even more worth noting that the three adjustments of the Taishan team in the second half of the game finally received strange results, especially Wu Xinghan, Liu Yang and Wang Tong played together, and quickly activated the team’s offensive firepower, of whichWu Xinghan also scored a goal. Therefore, if you seeks change, the Taishan team is most likely to start from the middle and frontcourt.It is worth mentioning that the Guojin Jin Jingdao also traveled to Wuhan with the team, but whether it can enter the big list, it has to be thought of the coach.

Hao Wei believes that the two sides have actually understood each other in response to each other.”It can be said that everyone is familiar with each other now. The final result is to see who is better on the spot and who played better in actual combat.” About this, the Taishan team is also very confident up and down.EssenceAfter all, after losing to the Cangzhou team, the team once fell down. As a result, the three towns of Wuhan lost to Changchun Yatai at home. The defense issues often mentioned by Pedro were actually seen by Taishan.However, the Taishan team attaches great importance to the attack group led by Malcon and Davidson. “The opponent’s offensive ability is quite good. We will make certain requirements and deployment for these links.” It is worth mentioning that the defender of the team Jedsong, the defender of the team,In the first half of last year, it happened to be in the three towns to play in the battle, but he did not know what kind of state he could show.

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  1. Lu media Lu fans have never taken the three town teams in their eyes.

  2. The donkey started again

  3. It is completely disconnected. It is not that the state of the three towns is not good, and the first half will be lost.Xie Pengfei will play in the second half, and our pressure will be greater.Our midfield organization ability and forward ability are too poor.There are too many transmission and return, and the fast counterattack speed is too slow, adjust it as soon as possible.

  4. Come on [Come on]

  5. Both parties are very familiar. I strongly recommend using Jedsong to play the back waist. The purpose is: 1. Liberation of Moisseus, 2. Drawing on JedsongStrong abilities, large scanning range, and good header and other characteristics. 3. With withdrawal can be changed to 5 guards. In this way, our three lines are more balanced.The scope of activities reduces unnecessary physical consumption and increases attack.4. Make our 4 defender more firm, strengthen the cooperative defense and thickness, and have more layers.The starting: Cresan, Moyeus, Chenpu, Wu Xinghan, Felryi, Jadong, Song Long, Shi Ke, Zheng Yan, Ji Xiang, Wang Dalei.

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    I can have a 6 -point [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei]

  7. Wang Dalei must come back.That third goalkeeper guy is too tender

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