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Speed Evaluation | Nike PEGASUS 36: Wanjin Oil of Running Shoes


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PEGASUS is the oldest running shoe series of Nike. Since its birth in 1983, it has gained countless fans after 30 generations.

PEGASUS is a pair of wings with wings in Greek mythology. It is the dream of the gods. The PEGASUS series running shoes have always been committed to serving each runner. Whether you are a marathon or running novice, it can be used.

At the time of the summer solstice, PEGASUS’s new running shoes will always come as scheduled. After experiencing the innovative changes of the previous generation, this year’s PEGASUS 36 has only upgraded the details, but it is still a pair of sincere running shoes. Recently, Sina Running got a pair of fluorescent green Pegasus 36, let’s find out.


PEGASUS 36 uses engineering network cloth upper. Compared with the previous generation, it increases the number of breathable holes in the forefoot and middle foot. PEGASUS has always been very thick. Possible increased permeability and performance will improve.

PEGASUS 36 continues to adopt five -hole shoelace design and is equipped with a Flywire flying wire to provide runners with a comfortable fit.

PEGASUS has always adopted a narrow shoe -shoe -larvae design, and Pegasus 36 is no exception. In the previous generation, many fertilizers of feet would feel the upper of the upper. PEGASUS 36 designed the tongue as a piece of style. Thickening lining, so there is more room for activity on the instep.

PEGASUS 36 rises with cone -shaped, away from the Achilles tendon, reducing wear. It has a built -in TPU material, and a piece of thermoplastic material is affixed to the outside. The stability of the rear heel is the ultimate.


PEGASUS 36 continues to adopt the midsole combination of Cashlon material and Zoom Air full palm cushion. Cashlon is a kind of foam material of Nike. It is combined with Cushion’s cushioning material in the PHYLON midsole. Its main characteristics are also the same as CUSHION. This midsole material shock absorption effect is very obvious. Both feet can feel compared Obvious softness and sinking, but the disadvantage is that its density is low, and the supporting and flexible rejection.

In the violence evaluation last month, we dismantled PEGASUS 35. It first used the full palm zoom air cushion, and the PEGASUS 36 was still in use. The full palm zoom air cushion has always been synonymous with “stepping on shit”. Before the 35th generation, PEGASUS uses a separate air cushion with front and rear palms. Because the ZOOM Air air cushion’s foot feels soft, the design of the full palmization will weaken the middle foot. The support will affect the stability of running shoes slightly.

However, the Cashlon material and Zoom Air full palm cushion are very soft. After matching the high bomb insoles and the soft EVA midsole, the cushioning performance of Pegasus 36 is very good.

Large bottom

The PEGASUS series has always been known for durability. This is because it has always followed the outsole of the entire rubber. The outsole of the PEGASUS 36 is designed by Walph. The shapes can be applied to various venues. Excellent.

Today, running shoes are popular in pursuit of lightweight, but PEGASUS 36 does not deliberately lose weight. The actual weight of my 44 -yard running shoes is 270g, and the rubber of the sole occupies a large weight. However, this design enhances the life of running shoes and is more durable during training.

Actual measurement

After getting this pair of PEGASUS 36, I ran about 50 kilometers for more than ten days, but there was no long distance, and it was only 10 kilometers long.

For the first time to run, after getting up, I can feel that PEGASUS 36 has a strong wrapping. I belong to a high -foot bow type runner. Before starting, I loosen the shoelaces, but the running shoes are still slightly a little during the running process. Some sense of oppression. When I used to wear new shoes, there was a case of compression of the instep, and I ran a long time, and the feet would appear numb. Perhaps it was because the PEGASUS 36 shoelaces had only 5 holes. , I have no numbness in my feet, but my toes are sour. After adaptation, this happened again without running.

Because the weather in Shanghai was more hot and hot last week, I wore PEGASUS 36 for the longest distance and 10 kilometers. Shanghai’s humidity was large, and there would be a lot of sweat without running. There is no feeling of wind under your feet.

When running 10 kilometers, the cushioning performance of PEGASUS 36 has been very obvious. When the road runs up and down, the soft bullets when running shoes are the most obvious. Very strong.

In the process of experience, I deliberately tried to experience the way of the forefront, back palm, and middle footing. The feedback when the front palm landed was the best. Although it was generally elastic, it was still stable. When the rear palms fall, during the transition from the back to the forefoot, the support of the middle foot is poor and will leakage slightly. After running several times, the midsole of PEGASUS 36 also appeared in the midsole, but many people like this special mark, all in exchange for their own hard work.


For the first time, I came into contact with the Pegasus series of running shoes from the 33rd generation and tried 35 last year. For the runners of the Malaysians, the running shoes of the Pegasus series can be described as a good helper for daily training. I usually wear it 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers, because I weigh it slightly. When I am preparing for the game, I will choose to choose the flying horse when I prepare for the game. As a pair of training shoes, it can withstand the test of a large mileage. As a pair of horse -running shoes, whether it is a master after 330 or running Xiaobai, everyone can apply it, which is a thousand gold oil in running shoes.

The runners of the Pegasus running shoes have a small “trouble”, that is, I don’t know when it can be worn. It seems that it will not retire for two or three years, which is very durable. As the most close to the people, almost every runner who passes through Nike running shoes has started the Pegasus. PEGASUS 36 continues to use 899 yuan, and the price will be more attractive when encountering activities. On the Pegasus, you can find the shadow of all new technologies in Nike. In other brands at the same price, it is difficult to achieve. In addition, the cushioning performance of the Pegasus is excellent, and even the effect of running shoes for thousands of yuan. In addition, it is so durable, which is beyond cost -effective.

This time I tested a fluorescent green color running shoe, which is very similar to the previously released NEXT%, which symbolizes the pursuit of speed. Another advantage of the Pegasus series is that there will be a richer color matching launch in the later period, and there will always be one that will be suitable for you.

“Speed” is a equipment evaluation column created by Sina running, providing runners with fresh running equipment information, and the latest and most comprehensive equipment assessment and unpacking.

What do you have to say about the Pegasus series running shoes? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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  1. Does this green shoes look good with black pants

  2. The air cushion burst

  3. 33-34-35 all passed through the soles of rubber to wear out, and the hind heels are easy to grind the rubber without highlighting the white foam.

  4. Reply
    Aclassmatewholoveswatchingmovies 11月 14, 2022 at 3:10 上午

    Hello, I just started the flying horse that was exactly the same as in the text, but why did the front foot of the right foot feel that there is a raised feet. If you step on it hard, you will feel a kind of bubble. What is going on?

  5. More than 700 started a pair of yellow, super spoil, and encountered more than 500 hundred colors, not resistant to dirty, not buying.

  6. 34 is still in service

  7. Remember that when I first came out last year, I chose 34, so I bought 35 this year

  8. How do you know that I can see you last Weibo? Is it wrong to promote domestic goods?

  9. decisively started 35T

  10. I like this color, I want to start [DOGE]

  11. Flying horses are too narrow to do the instep [Yun Bei]

  12. Hmm, I just want to run enough 1000 Then I usually wore it, I am reluctant to use it to run away. The oppression is small

  13. Flying horse iron powder, it looks like 36 generations are more friendly than 35th generation sigmoil, 👏. @Nikerunning

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