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Speed Evaluation | Adidas 2019 CLIMACOOL Qingfeng series running shoes


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After the May 1st holiday, it will usher in the summer season. Summer is the most annoying season for runners. How to fight high -temperature weather, running or not running is a problem.

Adidas released a new 2019 Climacool series running shoes in the recently. Since its birth in 2002, this series has become one of the most preferred shoes for many running enthusiasts. Shoes are as famous as their name. The 2019 CLIMACOOL series running shoes upgraded multi -directional upgrade, which further enhances the breathability of running shoes and allows runners to feel the fun of “wind under the feet” from the outside. Let’s find out.

Shoe box

The pair of CLIMACOL Qingfeng series running shoes I got is blue and white. In order to match the theme of running shoes, its shoe box also specially designed to pull the plastic protective shell of the outer layer of the shoe box. Move slowly, like a breeze blowing, refreshing.


The Climacool Qingfeng series running shoes use double -layer mesh upper, the outer mesh is white, the inner mesh cloth is blue, and the two thin layers of mesh are mixed with band -shaped fabrics to make the front make the front. The upper of the palm remains soft, but also increases the support effect.

In the middle foot of the upper, the Climacool Qingfeng series running shoes use the brand’s classic three -way bar logo to open two screens for running shoes on the inside and outside. The breathable area of ​​the engine of the engineering network. In addition, a large amount of elastic TPU material is added to the mid -foot upper, which further improves the stability of the upper.

The rear heel of the upper also adds TPU materials, and a blue Adidas logo is also printed on the inside. The inner lining is a thickened design, which adds a large area of ​​stable sheet to allow the comfort and stability.


Speaking of Adidas’s midsole material, everyone will definitely think of Boost. On Adidas’s most common running product line, Boost is the most common midsole material. It is also relatively small.

And this ClimAcool series of running shoes does not use the BOOST midsole, but uses the BOUNCE material. It is no different from the ordinary EVA or TPU. The durability made of polymer polymer materials must be greatly improved and is not affected by temperature. Compared with Boost, in the same volume, Boundce will be lighter than the former.

The Climacool Qingfeng series running shoe Boundce is designed with a lot of gullies outside the midsole. It looks more layered. A stable film is added in the middle foot part. It can not only improve the stability of the running shoes, but also Improve breathability.

Large bottom

The outsole of the CLIMACOOL Qingfeng series running shoes uses crystal full -palm rubber. The soles have a large area of ​​bumps, which increases wear resistance. In addition, the front palm and middle foot of the sole are also designed with exhaust holes. If the insoles are removed, it can be found that it is completely hollowed out, and it is only a layer of mesh from the shoe warehouse.

The insoles of the CLIMACOL Qingfeng series of running shoes are light and thin, and the insoles are covered with large and small mesh. This design is also to enhance the breathability. When you step by, the airflow enters from the soles of the shoe. The stable film of the bottom is excluded, so the cycle allows the runner’s feet to have a wind.

In addition, the Climacool series running shoes are embedded in the outsole to embed the Torse Spring anti -twisting system to further improve the stability of running.

Run experience

After the climacool Qingfeng series of running shoes, the first feeling is that it is a bit hard in the bottom of the BOUNCE.

The 44 -yard running shoe I wore was 283g, which is not a very light weight, but the actual feeling of wearing is not as heavy as the number displayed, and the half -horse has no sense of burden.

After getting the running shoes for about 10 days, I ran a total of 5 times in a total of about 50 kilometers. Among them, I also wore it to run the Shanghai Half Marathon. The deepest feeling is the breathability of running shoes. Although the first half of the horse did not produce the sun on the same day, because the low and humidity of the low air, I especially loved sweating. When I was waiting for the shot, I was squeezed with everyone. Less than 5 kilometers, the T -shirt was soaked by sweat, and even shorts were not spared.

Before the first supply station, there were high -rise buildings around the track. Soon after 5 kilometers of supply points, after entering the Expo Avenue Bridge, a cool wind blew up, and the feet immediately felt the wind, which felt a sense of relief. After running the whole process, a lot of sweat, T -shirt and shorts are soaked, but their feet and socks remain dry.

There are a lot of corners in the second half of the horse. When the turning point is in a hurry, the supporting performance of the running shoes is good, and the Torse Spring anti -twisting system plays a great role. Although Bouund’s midsole is average, the Climacool Breeze series running shoes still helped me run for 2 hours in this year, and it was dozens of seconds faster than last year. Narrow can only run outside, and there is almost no speed in the second half, indicating that the ClimAcool Qingfeng series running shoes are suitable for running above half a horse. Summarize

ClimAcool’s Qingfeng series running shoes are a pair of running shoes that can make people fall in love with the appearance of the blue and white color matching. It feels like a light wind blows in the heat. Daily training needs, and even LSD, which is 30 kilometers, is fine. At present, it is priced at 799 yuan on the official website. It belongs to a mid -range running shoes. Even if it is not used for running, it is also very fashionable to wear roads.

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