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Spanish ghosts are looking for breakthroughs! Old Mc Minda Dada Rica is difficult to counterattack


Spain VS Costa Rica

At 0am on November 24th, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup group E will usher in a contest, Spain’s challenge of Costa Rica in Spain’s Abutumama. After winning the World Cup in South Africa, Spain successfully completed the new and old alternation. Today, the bullfighting legion is more young, civilian, and most players are fighting for the first time in the World Cup. Miracle, although it is obviously aging after 8 years, does not need to question the desire for the World Cup. In another “group of death” today, it will not easily play the role of accompanying.

Although Spain was promoted to the top 16 in the last World Cup in the last World Cup, at the regular time of the 1/8 finals and the overtime host of the host Russia at the time, the penalty kick game lost 3-4. Since then Barcelona’s famous Surik served as the head coach of the Spanish national team. Although there was a brief leaving office in June to November 2019 during this period, since returning to coaching from November 19, 2019, he has led a team in 2020 The European Cup was promoted to the top 4, and the 2022 World Cup European qualifiers Spain made a 4 -point advantage into the finals.


Spain set off a youth storm

Judging from the list of the World Cup in Spain, although not as star -studded as 12 years ago, Erik knows the good use of people, including 18 -year -old Gavi, 19 -year -old Pedric, 20 -year -old Fati and other teenagers. Talent, there is a trend of youth storm. These players play a key role in their respective clubs, but they lack the ability to change in the competition. It is also the X -factor of this young bullfighter. The coach Erik focuses on the 433 lineup and the control tactics. The question of whether Spain can qualify from the “death group” or even go further.

In the 2014 World Cup and 3 Cup Champions Teams Italy, England, and Uruguay, the famous death group, which was regarded as supercomputers, was launched in the group name, and eventually killed all the way to the top 8. The biggest dark horse. However, with the increasing aging of the lineup, the status of core players fell. In the last World Cup in Russia, Costa Rica’s group stage was at the bottom.


Costa Rican lineup is seriously aging

Costa Rica has opened low and high in this World Cup in North America and the Caribbean. In the end, he won the fourth place during the sprint stage, participated in intercontinental players, and defeated New Zealand with Campbell’s goal, becoming the last to advance to the Qatar World Cup. Team, this is also Costa Rica’s 3rd consecutive World Cup. This time Costa Rica’s big list of the 2022 World Cup, the starting goalkeeper is still the old -fashioned savage Navas, a nightmare -like old, the first eight years ago. On the one hand, more than 10 people have rich experience in international competitions, and on the other hand, physical fitness and physical confrontation have become disadvantages. In addition, Costa Rica has only one Navas player in Europe, and has a limited understanding of European teams.

Judging from the combination of 2.28 (winning) 2.37 (negative) of 2.28 (winning) of 2 goals in this game, Spain faces Costa Rica’s book advantage. The odds of scores from the lottery show that Spain won 2-0 victory at 4.15. The scores of the 3-0 and 1-0 victory in Spain were 4.80 and 5.50, respectively, while the two sides were as high as 14.00 and 15.00, respectively. Spain was bleak out of the last World Cup. The bullfighting Corps, which focuses on the youth storm, is bound to resume a breakthrough in the record. The older Costa Rica lineup may become an opportunity to break through the opponent’s defense of Spain’s control tactics.

In addition, in the guessing of the semi -game gameplay of this game, the minimum odds of winning wins are 1.36, followed by the wins and flat odds, respectively. Essence It is foreseeable that Costa Rica’s counterattack to block Spain is extremely difficult. If it can become a fast -paced attack battle, it may be exactly what the majority of fans are expected.

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