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Small Swordsman Settlement Football Recommendation: The host is expected to restore the face?


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World Cup 21:00 Qatar vs Senegal

Qatar played 0: 2 to defeat Ecuador, and the unbeaten record of the World Cup was also broken. It can be seen from the play game that the team has no power to fight back, and various low -level mistakes have also appeared many times. The hope of this World Cup team is slim.

Senegal played at 0: 2 to the Netherlands, but the team still played back with the Netherlands 84 minutes ago, and even threatened the opponent’s goal many times. Unexpected.

The two teams have a large difference in strength. Although both sides lost the game 0: 2, the scene was completely different. From the Senegal against the Netherlands, it can be seen that the team in this game definitely defeated Qatar. With Qatar’s front lineup, he wanted to break the goal of Mendy’s guard, which was extremely difficult. In addition, the data also gave Senegal 0.75 concessions. The support was strong. In this game, Senegal scored 3 points!

Recommended lottery: guest wins

Score reference: 0: 1, 0: 2

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