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Small knife Huai Jingcai Football Recommendation: England is expected to win easily


England is a popular winning championship, and its strength is naturally self -evident. A total of 18 World Cups participated in the team history, and the best time was to win the local World Cup in 1966. It can be seen from the big list that the team lineup is extremely luxurious. All the players come from the five major leagues. Except for the midfielder Belinham (Bundesliga-Dortmund), the remaining 25 players are all from the Premier League. The World Cup is expected to be the top four.

The Iranian national team has been in the international arena since 1941. It has previously advanced to the World Cup finals five times, but has never made breakout in the group stage. The team’s list was led by the Super League Talemi (Porto). In addition, the Azmund and the old Super League General Prami Ganji were also in the battle. In the last 5 games of the team, only 2 victories won, of which 1: 2 lost to Algeria’s embarrassing record, and the state was worrying.

The two teams have a large difference in strength, and England after Sosgate took office, the cups have made great achievements. In the face of the poor Iran, I believe that the team will usher in the World Cup with a great victory!

Recommended lottery: let wins

Index reference: England-1.25

Score reference: 2: 0, 3: 0

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