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Sister Xia Sister Sister 309 In the Three Predictions: Direct Election Dive Reference

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of the 2022308 Phase number is: 216, the type is group 6, the number 012 is 1: 1: 1, and the 100 -lit number direct selection of the 8th, 10th, and 13th phases, respectively.

Hundred Analysis: The number of numbers in the previous period was 2, and the number 012 in the last 10 period was 3: 2: 5. Among them2.

Ten -digit analysis: The prize number was 1 in the previous issue, and the number 012 in the last 10 period was 3: 5: 2. Among them, the number 1 number 1 appeared 2 consecutive times.Reference number 1.

Individual analysis: The number of numbers in the last period of the number 6, the number 012 ratio ratio 012 is 4: 3: 3.Appears, pay attention to 5.

Sister Xia Sports Lottery 3rd No. 2022309 Prize number Recommended:

Double bold reference: 1 2

One code for killing: 3

Direct selection and duplex reference: 24578*01579*25678

Six -yard group Six reference: 012456

Single -up one bet number: 215

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