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Sina Viewpoint: The real culprit of the Yang Li incident is “it”


Ke Jie, who was crying by AlphaGo

The Yang Dingxin Li Xuanhao incident came to an end with penalties, but the impact of this incident on the Go industry, especially professional events, is actually very far -reaching, and has important inspirations on many aspects of the future development of Go.

Professional competitions need to be strictly increased by cheating

At the moment when AI Go is so powerful, it is obviously very necessary to prevent cheating, and more importantly is to ensure the security of the players in the game.In the past, the opponent did not understand the chess, what smelly chess you did!Now, am I “connecting the dragon”?In the past, the opponent got up to the toilet, huh, he was nervous!Now, he “charged”?

Once the chess player has a doubt about the opponent, it is obviously unlikely to play a good chess.It ’s good to say that it’ s outside the market, and it ’s not to talk about Wude. Even if someone is inadvertent behaviors, the opponent will inevitably suspect that if there is no more detailed upgrade, chess players often say that they must leave it to leave.A satisfactory chess records may become a puzzled chess record.


The focus of the incident Yang Dingxin Nine (Data Map)

Chess and Chinese chess have faced cheating earlier, and there are many experiences in this regard to learn from.For example, the official shielding signal on the scene of the chess contest, delayed the live broadcast of chess records, etc.; It can only go to the toilet after falling, which is very strict.These are not difficult to do.As for the cost, even if it is really difficult, the chess players and chess fans are not a big problem.

The era of artificial intelligence also needs collective research

As soon as Yang Dingxin’s incident came out, the topic quickly broke.A friend’s perspective is very interesting. He asked: “Li Xuanhao learns whether there is any experience and secrets. Isn’t the coach looking for him to talk well?”

The AI era professional chess players can indeed train themselves by themselves, but if there are technical sharing and discussions on a regular basis, otherwise, at least it is of at least beneficial to improving the overall strength of the Chinese Go team.Go is a “hand talk”, and no one can play the world championship by himself.Carlson, the first person in the world of national elephant, often has to find someone to accompany himself at his own expense.


Li Xuanhao in the Chunlan Cup

Judging from the response from Yang Dingxin’s speech, I am afraid that many top chess players have some unconfidence, thinking that humans cannot reach a certain level, and there are various ideas.This hidden danger is even more dangerous.The top winner needs to give up the momentum of me and the momentum, and there is no “god” on the human chessboard.

In the future, in addition to organizing the topic of AI technology research, the coaching team should also focus on changes in the mentality of chess players, intervention and guidance in a timely manner.

AI makes competitive Go boring

Prior to the Yang Li incident, in fact, the Chinese chess industry had had many doubts and controversy.We put the timeline longer, from the scene of “AlphaGo’s birth in 2016, defeating Li Shishi 4-1” actually doomed to the incident, and what happened was just who happened to whom.In a sense, AI is the culprit of this incident.


Alphago Li Shishi Human Machine Battle

Prior to the appearance of AlphaGo, there was actually a sign of “competition made Go’s style”, but at that time, the right to interpret the Go was still on the mouth of the top chess players.Although most players are more restrained, they still have some desires and space.Today, looking at the AI winning rate curve explained in the live broadcast, although we clearly know who is “leading”, we have no arguments that have been expressing their opinions.

Many people think that Go is interesting because of the freedom of Go, unknown.Although Go is a complete information game, it is necessary to be immersed by the “virtual” methods of sensation and enlightenment.The emergence of AI has turned the virtuality into real, and the virtuality has turned Go into a digital game … The artistic sense of Go has always existed, but the appearance of AI has made her farther and farther away from humans.

How to make Go is interesting and make humans re -become the dominance of Go? Perhaps it is a question that the professional Go who faces the crossroads need to consider.It may be a choice to reorganize the rules. Isn’t the cancellation of the seat, and the purpose of posting is the product of the development of Go competition?


Guli Wang Lei has tried to play with the rules of Guqi

For example, restarting the rules of Chinese chess, which restarts, can not only change the layout of three or three thousand, but also make the mid -market battle more intense, and there are many variables in the officials.At the same time, we must restrict the research and analysis of the new rules.A game with a “cheating code” means that it will soon be “beaten into the cold palace”.

All in all, in this dispute, Yang Dingxin was confused, Li Xuanhao was aggrieved, the national team was entangled, and the family had a difficult scripture, but the root cause of the problem was that there was no emotional artificial intelligence.

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  1. How can Yang Dingxin retire without evidence?The influence of this kind of thing is far beyond the imagination of people!Broken people even more!

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    Whydoyouhavetowritenicknames 1月 9, 2023 at 3:31 上午

    What like that?Drain the culprit, do we return to the Stone Age?

  3. Everyone has a gentleman.I admire the Japanese flag bearer of the year.Lao Nie had congenital heart disease at that time, and it was very tolerant to suck oxygen in the middle.To put this on Yang Dingxin, it is cheating.Go was originally a gentleman movement, and now it has become what you die and I live. No.

  4. Forget it, Yang players dare not question the Shen player, but dare to blame Li players in the nest. What do you do for this kind of traitorous temperament?

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