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Sina Viewpoint: Competitive sports dishes need to be calm after the original sin wins


Yang Dingxin cut Shen Zhenzhen, raised his eyebrows and exhaled

“Competitive sports, dishes are the original sin!” At first, this sentence seemed to be circulated from e -sports, and it was just right in the Go game. It seemed that Ke Jie had said so. In the past two weeks, Chinese Go is like a roller coaster, from missing the semi -finals to winning the Guanyan; from the comparison of the shoulder -to -national football, to raising his eyebrows …

In the past two years, I have lost too much, and there is a feeling of being suppressed by Shen Zhen. The Go game is indeed a certain accident, but it is inevitable by chance. Affected by objective conditions, compared with Korean chess players, Chinese players lack long -term competition environment, collective training, and special research. There is no doubt that it will reflect the landslide of grades.


After the 25th LG Cup Finals lost, Ke Jie burst into tears … I don’t know that this is just the beginning

At the end of 2020, the Samsung Cup Ke Jie defeated the “skate” Shen Zhenyu, which is the last inertia of our previous advantage. At the beginning of 2021, from the loss of Ko Jie’s LG Cup to Shen Yan, Chinese Go fell into a continuous downturn. At the end of 2021, Sina Chess made eight live broadcasts including Chunlan Cup, Samsung Cup, LG Cup and other Go Mai Live Live. Only one live broadcast was to win, or it still seemed to be unrelated to the top 16 of the Samsung Cup 16 afterwards. The competition (Samsung Cup finally the finals of the Park Tingyi Division of the Shinzhen Shinzhi).

This year’s bleak situation does not need to be repeated too much. The collective downturn of the Samsung Cup before has allowed everyone’s emotions to reach a threshold, and various accusations swarmed. In this context, the victory of Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao seemed precious.

But while applauding Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao, we should be calm. How to defeat Shen Zhenyu is still a long -term subject, and when Chinese Go is strong, he does not just rely on Ke Jie alone.


Ten world champions generated from 2018 to 2020

During the three years of 2018 to 2020, a total of ten Go personal world champions were generated, seven times in China, and three times in South Korea. In addition to Ke Jie, many players also have the possibility of impacting the world championship. This is the reason why Chinese Go is the lead. A person is always alone (referring to Park Tingyu before Shen Zhenyu grows up). South Korean Go ’s dominance of the world’ s chess scenes was the collective rule of the four kings. Although Lee Chang Ho was strong and there was a loss.

No one is more eager to win than the participating players, and can win the world championship is a strong person. The accusations such as going to school and live broadcast are only the details of being enlarged after losing chess. Ma Xiaochun, who was legendary, was the most unnecessary. In fact, the time to play chess in private was among the best in the national team. However, the game has only victory, winning, everything is right; if you lose, the harder you work, the more ridiculous. This is the cruelty of competitive sports. In short, the root cause of the suffering in the past two years has become stronger, and we have slowed down for various reasons.

No accident, the finals of the 9th Yingshi Cup Xieke and Shen Zhenyu will not be held in the short term. The 124th Go World Personal Champions Trophy is expected to be generated in the LG Cup finals in February next year, which must be attributed to China. After celebrating victory, we still put more focus on the overall improvement of the national team.


Ding Hao, another contributor to this year’s LG Cup

Shen Zhenxuan is not invincible, and South Korean Go has not yet formed the group advantage. Stable, we can win!


Re -Go Personal World Contest Championship and runner -up

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  1. Is this a big victory? What do you say when the Samsung Cup of South Korea is seized? [Haha]

  2. Reply
    Strongeyebrowsandsmalleyesfallingoldpots 11月 17, 2022 at 2:45 上午

    is not a face -to -face chess, many are not clear.

  3. Nonsense, Go is the stage of personal genius. From Li Changhao and Li Shishi to Shen Zhenyu, which one is not a genius. Is there such a genius in China? The thickness is used. Genius uses a needle to poke the so -called thickness of hundreds of holes [cute] [cute] [cute]

  4. No one is eligible to evaluate others. The process of evaluation is the process of imposing its own values ​​on others.

  5. Lost east, the mulberry elm.

  6. Could it be that computer mistakes go wrong and go wrong

  7. Your point of view is too narrow

  8. The winner is king, the loser is Kou, biased concept! Chinese chess players have fewer games, insufficient training, and Bodi rabbits. Most social activities are indisputable. In recent years, the overall water product has stopped before, and some top masters have also been undisputed. It is also a coincidence or accident to win the top two. Winning once, Shen Zhenyu is also a small probability (just like Cui Shengyang). It cannot be said that we can be sure to be strong in the world competition in the future! Still to face the problem, have a sense of crisis, and work harder to get better!

  9. Reply
    Ringshiisondoubleshares 11月 17, 2022 at 2:45 上午

    You also said that he was 40 -year -old Li Changhao, and no one had surpassed it. Sliding from the peak, no wonder others scold

  10. I hope Chinese Go to bottom out.

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