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[Sina Lottery] Great Lottery 22148: Brazil advances to the top 4



The 22148 Issue 22148 is mainly composed of 4 World Cup+9 British Champions League+1 British A Line. This issue is still difficult. There are only 1 game in the game field, but there are not many concessions.And there are still many games with insufficient concessions, and the addition of English crown and British Armor also brings full difficulties. Basically, the hard power of the two sides is basically five or five.It still increases the difficulty of guessing.Below, the general analysis of this issue:

The game with more concessions: Brazil

There are 1 games in this period.Croatia defeated Japan through a penalty shootout and was promoted, but it consumed enough physical fitness. This game faced 4-1 to win South Korea 4-1.Most of the concessions for a half of the ball are still confident in Brazil’s lineup strength. The proposal of this campaign can focus on Brazil’s victory.

(Available) One goal for the ball several times: Shefei, Ips

Shefeilian played 1-0 away to win the city of Kadiff, and won 4 games in the last 5 games. The state is very good. The game at home at home at home at home 0-0.Undefeated, Hades, who has recently risen, has given up the concession to give a goal. There is still a certain view of the momentum of Shefeilian’s home.

Eopusvich tied Flitwood 1-1 at home. In the last three games, he only won 1 game, and the state was slightly insufficient. In this game, the game faced the game at home 1-2.With a 4 -game losing streak and continued to decline in Petersburg, the institutions given a lot of concessions to make a goal. For the recent insufficient home team, they are still confident. This campaign is recommended to Bo Shan 3.

(Accepted) hemisphere/one goal to make the ball several times: Portugal

Morocco played in the 1/8 finals to eliminate Spain in the 1/8 finals.In the good -state Portugal, the institution gives half a concession. For the good state of the Portuguese Cup, there are still high views. The proposal is to focus on Portugal win.

(Accepted) Hemisphere to make the ball a few times: Mirwall, Mi Fort

Mirwall has a good momentum at home in the near future. In the last 10 league at home, it has achieved 7 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. The game at home faces the last round to defeat Blackpu 2-1 at home.In the trend of Victoria, the institutions gave the hemisphere to concessions. For Milwal’s home momentum, there was still no high view. The proposal of this campaign focused on flatning.

The recent home winning percentage of Mibao is slightly insufficient. In the last 6 league, only one game has won one game at home. This campaign needs to be careful. In the face of this game, the home round is tied at home 1-1 at home.In the next game, Ludon, which has a lower winning percentage, has given up the concession of the hemisphere to give the hemisphere, and it is still slightly confident in the momentum of the sluggish home of Mitao. The proposal is to focus on the level.

Laying less balls (1): Netherlands, England, Blackben, Rosham

The Netherlands defeated the United States 3-1 in the 1/8 knockout match. This year’s cup has achieved a good result of 3 wins and 1 draw.The morale Argentina, the agencies have given the average concession. For the strength of Argentina’s lineup, there is still no full tilt. This campaign is recommended to make a large single.

England played 3-0 in Senegal in the 1/8 knockout, and won 2 consecutive victories. All of them won zero. In this game, they defeated Poland 3-1 in this game.France is still very good. The institution gives a concession for the half, but the index of France is high. The agency still has no confidence in France. This battle is recommended to focus on the undefeated England.

Black’s recent home is strong. In the last 6 leagues, all of the 6 leagues have won. This campaign may be highly seen. The game at home will not be able to play with Mirwal 2-4 at home.The slightly lower Preson, the agency gave the concession for the concession of Ping Pan. For Blackburn’s lineup strength, there was still no tilt.

Rosham’s home -at home has been slightly insufficient recently. All the two home games have lost all the last two games. The game may be difficult to watch at home. The game at home will be drawn at home at home.In Bucheng, the agencies have given up the concession of the flat half. There is still no confidence in the hard power of Putram. This campaign is recommended to make a big single all -inclusive.

Letting less balls (2): Readin, Swansea, Stock City, Blackpoo

Reading defeated Herh City 2-1 away, ending his four consecutive games in a row, and the status recovered. The game faced the game at home to win the Queen’s cruise 2-0 at home.The team’s excellent status was drooping, and the agency gave a flat hand concession. It was not tilted between the two teams. This is recommended.

Swansea tied Huds 0-0 away in the last round. In the last 5 rounds, the league has not tasted a victory. The overall trend is insufficient. This game is not ideal in the faceNorovic, who has achieved the grades of 2 losses, most of the concessions of the agency given Ping Gan. For the home team’s home momentum, there is still no full tilt. The proposal is to focus on flattening.Stock City has played relatively recently. In the last 4 leagues, 3 games have lost 3 games. This campaign needs to be more careful. This game is still not good at fighting away this season.In the city of Kadov, the agency gave up the concession of the half. There was still no high view of the home team’s home at home.

Blackpi’s playback was 1-2 away, and he lost to the Victorian Atletico. He encountered a wave of 4 consecutive defeats and continued to be sluggish. In this game, he faced 1-2 at home and lost to Sandlan at home.Birmingham, who is in a state of state, only gives a tie -handed concession. The two teams do not look high. This campaign is recommended.

Steady Bald Field: Brazil, Portugal, Siefilian

Bobiliac: Eapus

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