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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery No. 23002 Ren Nine: Manchester United’s main victory is stable


Ren Jiuju recommendation

In this issue, Ren Jiu abandoned several games on the basis of 8 Premier League+6 Serie A:

Leicester City now only leads the relegation zone with a 3-point advantage, and the relegation pressure is high. This game is full of battle. The game at home defeats Southampton 2-1 at home at home.In the recent excellent state, Fulum, the institution gives the concession for the concession of Ping Gan, but the home team’s index still has a tendency to rise. He still does not have enough confidence in the home team and abandon this campaign.

Leeds was drawn 0-0 away on the away game. The last three rounds have not been tasted. The recent state is slightly insufficient. In the face of this game, he lost to Brent Ford 0-2 at home. The league encountered a wave of 5In the consecutive defeat, West Ham, who continued to decline in the state, only gave a tie -handle concession. There was no tilt of the two teams, and the campaign was abandoned.

In the International Milan on the Friendship Tournament, 1-0 victory over Sassolo. In the last 5 friendly matches, there were 4 wins and 1 draw. This game faced 1-4 in the friendly match to defeat Lire in the friendly match.Naples, which is slightly insufficient in state, most of the concessions of the institutions have given Ping Gan’s concessions. They still have insufficient confidence in Inter’s home momentum. This campaign is also recommended to abandon.

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