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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery No. 22148 Ren Nine: England undefeated date


Ren Jiuju recommendation

In this issue, any of the 4 World Cup+9 English Champions League+1 British A Line abandoned several games that make the concessions shallower:

The Netherlands defeated the United States 3-1 in the 1/8 knockout match. This year’s cup has achieved a good result of 3 wins and 1 draw.The morale Argentina, the agencies have given the average concession. The strength of Argentina’s lineup is still not full, and this campaign is abandoned.

Rosham’s home -at home has been slightly insufficient recently. All the two home games have lost all the last two games. The game may be difficult to watch at home. The game at home will be drawn at home at home.In Bucheng, the agencies have given up the concession of the flat half. There is still no confidence in the hard power of Putram, and this campaign is abandoned.

Blackpi’s playback was 1-2 away, and he lost to the Victorian Atletico. He encountered a wave of 4 consecutive defeats and continued to be sluggish. In this game, he faced 1-2 at home and lost to Sandlan at home.Birmingham, who is in a state of state, only gives a tie -handed concession. The two teams do not look high. This campaign is also recommended to abandon.

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