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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23006 Ren Nine: Florence may win

In this issue, Ren Jiu gave up a few games on the basis of 1 Premier League+3 Italian Cup+2 West Super Cup+8 French Lixia: Fulham was defeated 1-2 away in the last roundStabbing, the overall stability is insufficient in the near future, but the momentum at home is still good. In the face of this game, the game has lost to Manchester City 0-4 in the FA Cup.Most of the concessions of the half, the impact on Chelsea’s injuries is still slightly afraid, this campaign is abandoned;

Nandte has achieved an undefeated record in the last 4 games. This campaign has the war intention to take points to improve his ranking. The game at home in the game has achieved only 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses in the face of the game.The overall Lyon, which is relatively sluggish, most of the concessions of the institutions have given the flat half. It is still slightly inadequate to Lyon’s recent away performance. This campaign is abandoned;

Ayac Shaw has won the game in the past three home events. The team’s recent home advantage has a great home. This game faces the victory in the cup in the face of the game.Sriors, the agencies have given up the half -half concession, and there is still no confidence in the strength of Lance’s lineup. It is also recommended to abandon this campaign.

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