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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23006 issue: Real Madrid setting up defense bureau

The 23006th issue of the winner is mainly composed of a Premier League+3 Italian Cup+2 West Super Cup+8 French Lixia. The difficulty of the winning and losing color in this period is still large. There are only 2 games with more concessions.Although there is a game with a certain game, the institution has not given a full tendency, and at the same time.There are still many games with insufficient concessions, and there are some hemispheres to concessions, and the institution has no confidence. These still increase the difficulty of quiz.Below, the general analysis of this issue:

The game with a lot of concessions: Rome, Paris St.

There are 2 games in this period.Roman tied AC Milan 2-2 away. In the last two rounds, he achieved a good result of 1 win and 1 draw. The recent state is good. This game has defeated Barry 2-1 away at home.Genoa, who has achieved a good result of 3 wins and 1 draw, the institution gives a lot of concessions to make a ball and a half. For Rome’s home momentum, there are still high views.-3 Lost to Langs, the team suffered the first defeat in the season, and there was a rebound war in this campaign. In the face of the game, the game faced the last round of the league to Loreon 1-2 at home.Ang hot, the institution gives two goals and a half of concessions, and has full confidence in Greater Paris. This campaign is recommended to pay attention to the main victory.

(Accepted) One goal to make the ball a few times: AC Milan, Florence, Real Madrid, Barcelona

AC Milan played Rome 2-2 at home. In the last two games, 1 wins and 1 draw have achieved good results. The state is in a good condition. In this game, the game faces 1-1 away to draw Salnana on the away game.They are all obtained, and Turin, which is not stable, has given up the concession for a goal, but the home team’s index is high, which is still slightly unfavorable for Milan.1 defeating Sassolo, the last two games have achieved a good result of 1 win and 1 draw. In the face of the game, the game faced the game at home 0-2 to Naples, missed two consecutive victories, and the team recently played a worse performance.Asia, the agencies give up the concession for a goal, and the home team’s index still has a tendency to decline. It is beneficial to the home team. It is recommended that this campaign can pay attention to the main victory.

Real Malaysia lost 1-2 away to Biliareal 1-2, ending his own victory, morale has fallen, and this game faces the game at home to lose Kadis 0-1.With 2 games, Balencia, which is slightly lower in status, most of the concessions of the institution given a goal, but the home team’s index has not continued to lower, it is still not good for Real Madrid, it is recommended to leverage in this field.-1 defeated Barler Kano and won 2 consecutive victories in various events. The status is good. In the face of this game, he faced the game and won 1-0 away. It continued his undefeated state.In Barcelona, the agencies have given a lot of concessions, and the index of Barcelona still has a tendency to decline. It is beneficial to Barcelona. It is recommended that Barcelona can pay attention to winning Barcelona.

(Accepted) hemisphere/one goal for several goals: Marseille

Truva lost 0-2 French Cup to Lille, ending the previous two undefeated records, and the status declined. The game at home faces the last French Cup 2-0 defeat the low-level team Herah. RecentlyThe main match won 5 consecutive victories. The morale Marseille, the agency gave half a concession, and the strength of the Marseille’s lineup was still insufficient. This campaign is recommended to flatten it.

(Accepted) the hemisphere to make the ball several times: Lille, Strasbourg, Lorion

Brester won 2-0 in the last French Cup. After the end of the offseason, two consecutive defeats, the overall trend was sluggish. The game faced the last French Cup 2-0.In the defeat, the team’s morale, which is stronger, has given up the concession of the hemisphere. The good state of Rile still has a certain tilt in the recent good state. This is recommended to pay attention to the undefeated Lier; Strasbourg is in the points.The second place on the list, the relegation pressure is huge. There is still a fight for three points in this campaign. The game has achieved 7 wins and 1 draw in the last 8 games.Langs, the agency gave the hemisphere to concessions, and there was still no high view of the good state of Langsburn season. It is recommended to prevent flatness in this field.

Lorion’s start -up league at home has achieved four consecutive victories, but the home competitions in the last five leagues are endless. The main momentum has declined. This game has won two consecutive victories in the recent league.In the field of Monaco, the institution gives a concession of the hemisphere. There is still no confidence in the strength of Monaco’s lineup. The suggestion of this campaign focuses on flattening.

(Accepted) The number of balls is relatively shallow: Chelsea, Nanda, Osser, Ayac Shaw

Fulum lost to Tottenham 1-2 away in the last round. The overall stability is insufficient in the near future, but the at home is still good. In this game, the game faces 0-4 in the Football Cup to lose to Manchester City and encountered various events.Two consecutive defeats, Chelsea, which is low in status, the institutions have given up the half -half concessions. The impact on Chelsea’s injury stop is still slightly daunting. It is recommended to have a large single in this field.There is also a battle of war to improve its ranking. In the face of the game, the game has achieved only 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses in the face of nearly 8 leagues.Most of the concessions are made, and it is still slightly inadequate to Lyon’s recent away performance.Oussell has achieved 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss record in the last five home competitions. Its home performance is acceptable. In the face of the game, the game faced the last round to win Ayac Shaw and ended the unsightly trend of the previous league.The institution only gives the concession of flat hand, and there is no tilt of the two teams. This is recommended to be all -inclusive; Ayac Shaw has won the game in the past three home competitions.In the cup, the victory was won, but the team’s recent league’s away winning rate was insufficient. In the last 7 rounds of the league, Lance, the outflow of the league, the institutions have given the flat half a concession.Facing.

Stable Bald Field: Rome, Paris Saint Man

Boschie: AC Milan, Florence, Barcelona, Barcelona

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