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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23006 Issue Cold and Hot Index: Barcelona Sit and Win

Based on the real support ratio, combined with instant data and expected values, the simulation calculation is an fitted virtual data, which is the hot and cold index.Then compare the three -time index with the hot and cold index to obtain the degree of cold and heat from the specific corresponding options to avoid heat and cooling for the lottery, and provide a reference for scientific choices.

Instructions for the use of the hot and cold index, in the hot and cold list:

The red value represents the heat, the greater the deviation from the actual data, the higher the heat.

The blue value represents cold, the greater the actual data deviation, the lower the heat.

Options with high heat need to consider heat avoidance in combination with other factors.

Options with low popularity need to be appropriately selected in combination with other factors.

Heat options: Lyon

Nanda played a downturn this season, the team’s offensive end performed poorly, and the strength of the post -defense was not as good as before. The team’s play was not conservative, and the lineup of the lineup was relatively thin.After the end of Lyon’s offseason, the overall performance is acceptable. The team focuses on passing control. The midfield and frontcourt suppression power is excellent. This season, only the league can strive for full efforts. The team’s strength occupies an advantage.

The tie is hot: Langs

The offensive efficiency of Strasbourg has declined sharply this season, and the current relegation situation is worrying.Langs defeated Paris in the last round of the league. At present, the gap between Paris is only 4 points. The team is expected to counterattack the championship.Strasbourg is passive, and the lineup aging is obvious. It is optimistic about Langs actively suppressing and the unbeaten pattern.

Cold options: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Barcelona

Real Madrid has never been devoted to the Spanish Super Cup. The team has recently been sluggish, and the players are not in a competitive state.Balencia has a positive attitude towards the cup, and the team’s style is also more restrained by Real Madrid. Real Madrid has difficulty dealing with it in this field. It has a certain cold suggestion to set up defense.

Barcelona’s recent defensive end has insufficient strength and good offensive performance. The team is still acceptable to the cup match, and this game should be fully responded.Royal Betis is the King’s Cup champion last season, but the team’s skills and tactics are close to Barcelona, and there is a large gap between the lineup configuration. It is expected that the scene is difficult to occupy the situation.

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