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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23004th Proficiency and Loss: Inter me to be flat

Promotion and loss index: the dealer’s profit and loss dynamic dynamics are all mastered

From the beginning of the dealer’s loss of money, by discovering the difference between the probability of market betting distribution and the pre -set by the dealer, the dealer’s profit and loss of each game is observed, and it is quantified into an index form.Negative numbers represent the profit of the dealer; the positive number represents the losses of the dealer.Generally speaking, the lower the index, the more conducive to this item. The larger the absolute value of the negative number indicates the more profitable.

Interitying Denmi Paradise September

This Saturday quiz is mainly composed of 8 FA Cup+3 Serie A+3 La Liga. The difficulty of the winning and losing color in this issue is still large.There are many, and there are still many games with insufficient concessions, and there are a large number of hemisphere or semi -concession. The institution does not give full confidence. At the same time, the battle of some teams in the Football Cup still needs to pay more attention.These have increased a certain amount of quiz.Let ’s take a look at a few key competitions: Tottenham VS Puzmouth’s competition institutions give more concessions. The profit and loss index gives a negative combination. It is beneficial to Tottenham.; Hercheng VS Fulham’s competition agency gave a concession of receiving a goal. The profit and loss index gave a positive combination. The negative value of the guest victory was high.The competition agency gives a half concession for the ball, and the profit and loss index gives a positive combination. He has confidence in Newcastle. It is recommended that this campaign pays attention to the list 0.

There are still several games that are worthy of attention through the profit and loss index: Florence VS Sassallo and Juventus VS Udnes’ competition agencies are all giving a half concession. The profit and loss index is a positive combination.The negative values of the level are high. Both games are recommended to set up a defense bureau; Monza VS Interior’s competition agency gives a game of receiving a goal, the profit and loss index gives a positive and negative combination.It is still recommended to set up a defense draw.


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