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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23004th Betting Strategy: Real Madrid Wars Institute

This issue of Saturday’s victory is composed of 8 FA Cup+3 Serie A+3 La Liga. The difficulty of the winning and losing color in this issue is still large.There are not many, and there are still many games with insufficient concessions, and there are a large number of hemispheres or semi -concessions. The institution does not give full confidence. At the same time, the battle of some teams in the Football Cup still needs to be more.Note that these have increased a certain amount of quiz.Let’s take a look at the key sessions of this issue:

Facing Parksmouth, the main field of Tottenham is given a lot of concessions. The institution has a high view on the main momentum of Tottenham. This is recommended to pay attention to Single 3; Fulham guests give a goal against Hall City.The concession, but the guest team’s index is not full, which is not good for Fulham, and it is recommended to flatten the single order in this field; Juventus faces the half -time concession in the face of Udison at home, but the index of Juventus is high.Juventus is still insufficient confidence.

In this issue of Bernemouth VS Bernley, the fourth Blackpu VS Nottingham Forest, the 6th game of Brent Ford VS West Ham, the 13th Mallorca VS Baradolid and the 14th gameThe Spanish VS Herona is a difficult game, and Ren Jiu is abandoned.


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