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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23004 issue: Juventus at home

The 23004th issue of the winner is composed of 8 FA Cup+3 Serie A+3 La Liga. The difficulty of the winning losses in this issue is still large.There are not many, and there are still many games with insufficient concessions, and there are a large number of hemisphere or semi -concession. The institution does not give full confidence. At the same time, the battle of some teams in the Football Cup still needs to pay more attention to more attention.These have increased a certain amount of quiz.Below, the general analysis of this issue:

The game is more concession: Tottenham, Xie on Wednesday, Liverpool

There are 3 games in this issue of concessions.Tottenham played 4-0 away in the Crystal Palace, ending his continuous trend and warming up. This game faced the game at home 1-3 at home.For Puzmouth, the institution gives two goals and two goals and a half of the concessions. The strength of Tottenham’s lineup is still full. For Tottenham, it is recommended to pay attention to the hot spare victory.A victory continued to continue his undefeated state, and his morale was not good. In the face of this game, he tied Arsenal 0-0 away on the away game. The last two games have been drawn.In Newcastle, the agency gives a half -to -half concession. For Newcastle’s hard power, there are still high views. The suggestion of this campaign can pay attention to the single 0.

Liverpool’s recent performance at home is still quite good. In the last two home games, they can win. The home game has faced the recent away performance.The Wolves that cannot be underestimated by the guest battle, the organization gives a lot of concessions for the half, but Liverpool’s index still has a downward trend. It is good for Liverpool, and you can pay attention to Single 3 in this field.

(Accepted) One goal to make the ball a few times: Fulham, Inter, Inter Mi

Hull City played 4-1 away to win the Atletico Vegan. In the last 5 rounds of the league, it has remained unbeaten. The overall momentum is good. In this game, he faces the 1-0 away at the away game.Sheng, Fulham, who has a better overall state in the near future, has given up the concession of a goal. For Fulham’s lineup strength or a certain heat, it is not good for the visiting team.There are 3 unbeaten records in the 4 leagues, which have won 2 games and performed well. This campaign may be watched high. The game at home in the game has scored 9 goals in the last 5 games.2 goals, Inter -offensive Inter, the institution gives a lot of concessions for a goal. He is still confident in the hard power of Inter, and it is recommended that this campaign can win blogs.

(Accepted) Hemisphere/one goal to make the ball a few times: Florence, Juventus

Florence’s last 1-1 tied Mengzha. In the last two rounds of the league, the overall state was doubtful. In the face of the last game, the last game was lost to Sampdoria., Sassallo, who is sluggish, most of the concessions give up half a concession, but the home team’s index is low. There are still high views on the home team. This is recommended to win the master. Juventus will win.The event remained unbeaten, and it won 6 games. The overall state was excellent. The game has not won for 9 consecutive games at home. The recent winning percentage is extremely low.Sriors, the agencies give up half a concession, but the index of Juventus is high, and it is still unfavorable to Juventus. This campaign is recommended to leverage.

(Accepted) Hemisphere to make the ball several times: Crystal Palace, Blackipu, Villarre, Mallorca

The Crystal Palace has recently played a bad play at home and suffered two consecutive defeats. The momentum at home is slightly insufficient. In the face of the last game, the last game was lost to the Nottingham Forest.The agency is given a concession to the hemisphere. It is still inclined for the main momentum of the Crystal Palace. It is beneficial to the home team. This suggestion can pay attention to the undefeated Crystal Palace. Blackpool has played a very low play in the recent overall play.The service may be difficult to see. In this game, the game faced the one –0 game of Namspton, which ended the Nottingham Forest that had two consecutive games in a row.The strength is still slightly inadequate.

The recent 6 games in the last six games of Billy remained unbeaten, and it has won 5 games. In the near future, this campaign has faced the track of 3 consecutive games in various events. The recent state is good, Real Madrid, which cannot be underestimated by this guest battle, most of the concessions of the hemisphere have given the hemisphere. For Real Madrid, there is still no high view.The record is very good. In the face of the battle at home in the battle, the state has declined. If you want to win the away game, you may not be easy to win Balladolid.Mallorca still has a certain support, and this campaign suggests that the home team can be unbeaten.

(Accept) The number of balls is relatively shallow: Bernemouth, Brent Ford, Spanish

Berne Mecel lost to Manchester United 0-3 away. He encountered 4 consecutive games in various events and continued to be sluggish. In the game, the game defeated Swansea 2-1 away at home.The overall momentum of Berneli, the institution gives the concession for the half of the concession, and insufficient confidence in the home team’s home at home.The state is very good, and the team’s morale is strong. In the face of this game, there are only one victory in the last six official games and the away winning percentage.The concessions are not tilted with the two teams, and this campaign is recommended.The Spaniard’s home combat ability in the near future is still insufficient. In the last 10 home games, only one game has won 1 game. In this game, the game faces the game at home 2-2 at home.Rona, the agency gives the concession for the concession of Ping Gan, and there is still not enough support for the home team’s home at home. This is recommended to make a big order.

Steady Side: Tottenham, Liverpool

Boschie: Fulha

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