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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23003 hot and cold index: Montpellier win


Based on the real support ratio, combined with instant data and expected values, the simulation calculation is an fitted virtual data, which is the hot and cold index.Then compare the three -time index with the hot and cold index to obtain the degree of cold and heat from the specific corresponding options to avoid heat and cooling for the lottery, and provide a reference for scientific choices.

Instructions for the use of the hot and cold index, in the hot and cold list:

The red value represents the heat, the greater the deviation from the actual data, the higher the heat.

The blue value represents cold, the greater the actual data deviation, the lower the heat.

Options with high heat need to consider heat avoidance in combination with other factors.

Options with low popularity need to be appropriately selected in combination with other factors.

Hot Options: Manchester United, Balencia

Manchester United’s recent battle, the team’s offensive and defensive ends have stabilized, the internal atmosphere is good, and the war is full.There is a large gap between the strength of Everton’s lineup and Manchester United. The team’s play is more passive, and the customer war is insufficient. Manchester United occupies the advantage at home.

The recent overall performance of Balencia has been stable, and the team has a general ability to win the team. However, in the face of the weak brigade ability, the team focuses on passing control.Cardis has more passive play. The team mainly relies on Shouping and lacks the threat of offense. Balencia should be able to take the initiative to take the initiative and optimize the continuation of victory.

Heat options: Montpellier, Travele

Montpellier focuses on offensive football. The team is located in the midstream of the league. The team has the power to distract the cup. This game should go all out.The Bocheng positioning method B guarantees, the team’s strength is limited, and the play is not conservative. In this field, it is expected that the attack pattern is optimistic about Montpellier’s strength.

There are still the top ranking of Twins this season. The team’s play has a stable rhythm and a high limit.Emon is currently in a downgrade area. The team’s play style is close to Twins, but there is a large gap in the lineup configuration. It is optimistic that Twins occupy the initiative and seize the winning pattern.

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