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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23003 Betting Strategy: Balencia Win


This issue of the victory on Friday is composed of a full cup+2 La Liga+5 French Cup+1 French Cup+5 Lotus B. This issue is more difficult to bid.There are only one game. Although there are not many games with a small concession, there are many seasons that are conceded by most hemispheres. The institutions still have no tendency to give. At the same timeThe team’s warfare situation needs to be more careful, and it still increases the difficulty of quiz.

Let’s take a look at the key sessions of this issue: Manchester United faces the concession of the concession given by Everton at home. The institution is still high in Manchester United’s recent good state. This field can be recommended to pay attention to the victory of Manchester United;Gadis gives a goal, and the home team’s index is not too high. It is still beneficial to the home team. It is recommended that this campaign can pay attention to Single 3.

In the face of low -level teams, Greater Paris directly gives more concessions to make concessions. If you have confidence in Paris, you can pay attention to Single 0 in this field.In this issue of the fourth Gleno VS Nim, the fifth Paris FCVS Walansena, the 7th Sterasburg vs Ang Hot, the 13th Dedler branch vs Hague and the 14th AjaYouth VS Einding FC is a difficult game, and Ren Jiu is abandoned.

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