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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23002 Phase I profit and loss index: Milan scored all three points


Profit and loss index

Promotion and loss index: the dealer’s profit and loss dynamic dynamics are all mastered

From the beginning of the dealer’s loss of money, by discovering the difference between the probability of market betting distribution and the pre -set by the dealer, the dealer’s profit and loss of each game is observed, and it is quantified into an index form.Negative numbers represent the profit of the dealer; the positive number represents the losses of the dealer.Generally speaking, the lower the index, the more conducive to this item. The larger the absolute value of the negative number indicates the more profitable.

Arsenal is recommended at home

The quiz in the middle of this period is mainly composed of 8 Premier League+6 Serie A games. This issue is more difficult. There are only 2 games with more concessions.With a certain hemisphere or semi -concession, the support given by the institution is still slightly insufficient. The strength gap between the strengths of the two parties is not large, and the Serie A rematch still needs to be observed.They all increase the difficulty of guessing.

Let’s take a look at the comparison games in the profit and loss index: Everton VS Brighton’s game profit and loss index gives a positive and negative combination. It is tilted with Brighton.VS Newcastle’s competition agency gives the concession of the hemisphere, the profit and loss index gives a negative combination, and the negative value of the draw is high.Saying, the profit and loss index gives a negative combination, which is beneficial to Manchester United. It is recommended to pay attention to Single 3.

There are still several games that are worthy of attention through the profit and loss index: Leeds United VS West Ham’s competition agency gives less concessions, and the profit and loss index gives a positive combination, but the gap between positive and negative values is not large.Bags, Ren Jiu’s key abandonment; Salnana Tana VSAC Milan’s competition agency gives a half of the ball, the profit and loss index gives a positive combination. For Milan’s profit, this battle is recommended to win in Milan; KreyMona VS Juventus’s game profit and loss is a combination of positive and negative, and insufficient confidence in winning Juventus. It is recommended to focus on flattening.


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