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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23002 issue: Arsenal’s defense bureau



Issue 23002 is composed of 8 Premier League+6 Serie A games. This issue is more difficult. There are only 2 games with more concessions.In a certain hemisphere or semi -concession, the support given by the institution is still slightly insufficient. The strength gap between the strength of the two parties is not large, and the Serie A rematch still needs to be observed.It is the difficulty of guessing.Below, the general analysis of this issue:

The game with more concessions: Manchester United, AC Milan

There are 2 games in this period.Manchester United played 1-0 away the Little Wolves away. After the rematch, the game won 3 consecutive victories and excellent status. The game faced the game at home 0-2 to the Crystal Palace at home.Bernsmus, who is difficult to watch, gives a half of the ball for half a goal and concessions. The agency is still high in Manchester United’s lineup. For Manchester United, it is recommended to pay attention to Manchester United to win.

Salonana was defeated at the foot of Mongolia 0-3 in the last round of the league. In the last 3 rounds, only 1 draw and 2 losses. This game defeated Florence 2-1 in the face of the last round of the league.AC Milan, who has achieved 3 wins and 1 draw, most of the concessions of the institutions have given a ball and half of the concession. They still have confidence in Milan’s hard power. This campaign can pay attention to Milan’s victory.

(Accepted) Hemisphere/one goal to make the ball several times: Atlanta, Rome, Juventus

Spezia has won in the friendly match. In the last 3 friendship matches, it has achieved 2 wins and 1 loss.The negative results of Atlanta, the institutions given half of the concessions, and the index of Atlanta is not too high. It is still beneficial to the guest team. This suggestion can trust the first -hand guest victory.

There are only 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses in Rome in the past 10 games, and the overall winning percentage is insufficient. This campaign needs to be more careful. The game at home will only win 1 win, 1 draw and 5 losses this season.The worse Bologna, the agency gives the half of the concessions, and there is still a certain view of Rome’s home momentum. It is good for Rome, and it is recommended that this on -site suggestion can pay attention to Rome win.

Cremona’s recent performance in the league is not satisfactory. It has not tried to win for 10 consecutive consecutive games. This game has faced all the three away games in the past three away games.In Tus, the agency gave me half a concession. The strength of Juventus’s lineup is still not high. This campaign is recommended to focus on flattening.

(Accepted) the hemisphere to make the ball several times: Everton, Arsenal, Southampton, Vera

Everton has lost 3 games at home for nearly 4 home games. During this period, he only won the Crystal Palace. The recent home momentum is slightly insufficient. The home game has improved the recent away away performance.For Brighton, the agency has given the concession of the hemisphere. It is still slightly inadequate to the overall trend of Brighton this season. The suggestions of this campaign focus on flatning.

Arsenal has won 3 consecutive victories in the current league, and has won 2 consecutive victories after the rematch. The team’s status is very good. This game has only lost once in the face of the season to the present. At present, the away game has won 4 consecutive victories.Card, the agency gives up the concession of the hemisphere, and there is still a certain tilt for Arsenal. The proposal of this campaign focuses on Arsenal’s undefeated.

Southampton lost to Fulham 1-2 away, suffered a 5-game losing streak in the league, and continued to be sluggish. This game faced 1-1 on the stage of the game.In the Nottingham Forest, the agencies have given up the concessions of the hemisphere. Southampton, which has a downturn in the season, is still inclined. It is recommended that the main team can pay attention to the undefeated home team.

Vera played the Tottenham 2-0 away, and achieved 1 win and 1 loss after the rematch. The overall performance was not stable. The game at home facing the recent away trend has recovered.The wolves of the undefeated record, the agency gives the concession of the hemisphere, and there is still no high look for Vera. The suggestions of this campaign are still focusing on flattening.

Make less ball games (1): Laiche City, Liz United, Tottenham

Leicester City now only leads the relegation zone with a 3-point advantage, and the relegation pressure is high. This game is full of battle. The game at home defeats Southampton 2-1 at home at home.In the recent excellent state, Fulum, the institution gives the concession for the concession of Ping Gan, but the home team’s index still has a tendency to rise. It is still not confident in the home team. It is recommended that this battle is recommended.

Leeds was drawn 0-0 away on the away game. The last three rounds have not been tasted. The recent state is slightly insufficient. In the face of this game, he lost to Brent Ford 0-2 at home. The league encountered a wave of 5West Ham, who continues to fall in a row and continues to decline, only gives a flat hand concession. There is no tilt for the two teams.

The Crystal Palace played 2-0 away to win Bernemouth 2-0, and achieved 1 win and 1 loss in the last two games. This game faced the game at home and lost to Villa 0-2 at home.Still slightly sluggish Tottenham, the institution gives a lot of concessions to the peaceful half. There is still no high view of Tottenham. It is recommended to make a large single all -inclusive in this field.

Letting less balls (2): Laiche, Inter, Inter Miram

Laici has played well this season. At present, the league has only lost 2 games at home. The home game is still good in the face of the recent customer war.The high -looking Lazio, the institution gives the flat half concession, and the guest team’s index is low. It is still inclined for Lazio. It is recommended that the visiting team can pay attention to the unbeaten.

In the International Milan on the Friendship Tournament, 1-0 victory over Sassolo. In the last 5 friendly matches, there were 4 wins and 1 draw. This game faced 1-4 in the friendly match to defeat Lire in the friendly match.Naples, which is slightly insufficient in status, most of the concessions of the institutions have given Ping Gan’s concessions. They still have insufficient confidence in Inter’s home momentum.

Stable Bald Field: Manchester United, Milan, Milan

Boschie: Atlanta, Rome


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