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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 23002 Betting Strategy: Juventus is hard to win


Betting strategy

The winning color in this period consists of 8 Premier League+6 Serie A games. This issue is more difficult to competition. There are only 2 games with more concessions.With a certain hemisphere or semi -concession, the support given by the institution is still slightly insufficient. The strength gap between the strengths of the two parties is not large, and the Serie A rematch still needs to be observed.They all increase the difficulty of guessing.

Let’s take a look at the key sessions of this issue: Arsenal faces the concession of the hemisphere given by Newcastle at home. It is still not full of Arsenal’s recent outstanding trend. It is not good for the gunners.

Manchester United’s home scene faced Bernemouth to give a half two goals and concessions. The agency still trusted Manchester United. It is recommended that this campaign can pay attention to Single 3.

The Juventus field faced Cremona to give a half concession, but Juventus’s index was not too low. It was not good for Juventus.In the first session of Lacci City VS Fulham, the 6th Session of Litz United VS West Ham, the 7th Crystal Palace VS TottenhaTry to abandon as much as possible.


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