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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22150 Ren Nine: Liverpool is worth trust


Ren Jiuju recommendation

In this issue, Ren Jiu has abandoned several games on the basis of 7 Premier League+7 British Champions League: Leicester City has maintained an undefeated record in the last 5 games in the last 5 games, which has won 4 games.Back to heating, this campaign has maintained an undefeated record in the face of 14 consecutive games in a row. Newcastle is under the strong play of 4 consecutive victories.The trend of lifting is not good for Newcastle, and this campaign is abandoned.

Although Everton has suffered a losing streak in the last three games, the recent play of the Friendship Tournament is still good.The wolf team with a good state, the agency gives up the concession of Ping Gan, and there is still no confidence in Everton’s home momentum. This campaign is abandoned.

Kafu Town tied Blackpoo 1-1 at home. In the last 4 league, the 4th league has not won, and the trend is insufficient. In this game, the game faces 1-0 on the away game to win Preston, ending his 4 consecutive defeatThe trend of the queen who recovered, and the institutions gave up the concession to give up half. The main momentum of the home team was still insufficient confidence. This campaign is also recommended to abandon.

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