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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22148 Betting Strategy: Epsus scored 3 points


Betting strategy

The winning color of this issue of this issue consists of 4 World Cup+9 British Champions League+1 British A Line. The difficulty of this period is still difficult. There are only one game in the game.And the game with insufficient concessions is still too much, and the addition of the English crown and British Armor also brings full difficulty. Basically, the hard power of the two sides is basically five or five., Still increase the difficulty of guessing, let’s take a look at the key sessions of this issue:

In the face of Croatia, Brazil has given a lot and a half concessions, and the concessions are full. The institution still has enough support for Brazil. It is good for Brazil. It is recommended that this suggestion can pay attention to Brazil’s victory.

In the face of Morocco, Morocco has given half a concession. It is still confident in Portugal. This campaign suggests that Portugal can win.

France faces only the concession of Pingxian, and the French index is still high. It is not good for France. It is recommended to focus on the field.

In the 2nd of this issue, the 2nd Dutch VS Argentina, the 6th Rosham vs, Paris, the 7th Ledine VS Kaowen Choi, the 9th Stock City VS Cardiff City and the 13th Blackpu VS Birmingham belong toDifficulties, let Ren Jiu abandon.

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