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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22148 Back and Lise Index: Shefei Lian Locked the main victory


Profit and loss index

Promotion and loss index: the dealer’s profit and loss dynamic dynamics are all mastered

From the beginning of the dealer’s loss of money, by discovering the difference between the probability of market betting distribution and the pre -set by the dealer, the dealer’s profit and loss of each game is observed, and it is quantified into an index form.Negative numbers represent the profit of the dealer; the positive number represents the losses of the dealer.Generally speaking, the lower the index, the more conducive to this item. The larger the absolute value of the negative number indicates the more profitable.

Argentina’s key suggestions level prevention

The quiz on Friday is mainly composed of 4 World Cup+9 British Champions League+1 British A Line. The difficulty of this extension is still more difficult. There are only one game in the game.And the game with insufficient concessions is still too much, and the addition of the English crown and British Armor also brings full difficulty. Basically, the hard power of the two sides is basically five or five., Still increase the difficulty of guessing, let’s take a look at the comparative competitions in the profit and loss index:

Croatia VS Brazil’s competition agencies give a half -to -half concession, and the profit and loss index gives a positive combination, but Brazil’s negative value is high.The index is given a positive and negative combination. For Argentina, it is recommended to pay attention to the undefeated Argentina;The value is high, and the recommendations of this campaign focus on flatness.

There are still several games that are worthy of attention through the profit and loss index: Reading VS Kaowen’s game profit and loss index gives a negative combination, but the gap between positive and negative values is not large.Shefeilian VS Hades’s game profit and loss index gives a negative combination, the main victory is high, this campaign suggests that bloggers can win;In the combination, the negative value of the draw is high, and this campaign can focus on the undefeated Mitao.

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