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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22147 Ren Nine: Brazil is expected to be trusted


Ren Jiuju recommendation

In this issue, Ren Jiu discarded several games on the basis of 8 World Cup+1 British Champions League+5 British Lords: Sandlan’s home record this season is 22nd, and 10 goals.10 goals, insufficient at home, this campaign faces the unbeaten rate of 80 % in the last 10 games, and the status is good. This campaign is still not to be underestimated.None of the tilt, abandoned this campaign;

Milton Keynes lost in the FA Cup. In the last 4 games, there were 3 games and inadequate status. This game faced the recent away trend of the away game.For Burton with a lower customer war capability, the agency gives up the concession to give up half a concession, and insufficient confidence in the home team’s home at home. This campaign is abandoned;

Weicham is not good at fighting at home recently. In the last 5 home, it has not won. This campaign needs to be careful. The game at home will defeat Milton 3-2 at home.For the good results, Park Mouth, the institution only gave a concession of flat hand, and there was still no full tilt of Welkom’s home momentum. It is also recommended to abandon this campaign.

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