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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22147 issue: Argentina Shan 3 credible



The 22147th issue is composed of 8 World Cups+1 British Champions League+5 English -Lords. This issue is still difficult. There are only 3 games with more concessions.The team is still more cautious. At the same time, it is still the addition of British A -British, and they are the secondary fields with less concessions. The institutions do not give too much tilt. These points still increase the difficulty of quiz.Below, the general analysis of this issue:

Tips for concessions: Argentina, France, Brazil

There are 3 games in this issue of concessions.Argentina won Poland 2-0 in the last round of the group stage. After the two consecutive teams of the group stage, the team was available in the group name. In the face of the final round of the group stage, the team defeated Denmark at 1-0.In Australia, which is qualified for the second place in the group, the institution gives a half of the game for half a goal. The institution has a high look at the strength of Argentina’s lineup. It is good for Argentina to trust Argentina to win;Get winning records, qualify in advance, the third round of lineups were rotated, and the main force was resting. This game faced the three rounds of the group stage to achieve 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss.The institution gives the ball half a half concession, and there is still a high perspective of France’s hard power. This campaign should pay attention to France to win.

Brazil played in the last game of the group stage to rotate the lineup 0-1 to Cameroon, but the first team went out. This campaign faced the team 2-1 to defeat Portugal 2-1, and the number of goals was used to overcome Uruguay to obtain South Korea.The agency gives a half of the giving up the ball for half a goal, and there is still great confidence in Brazil’s hard power. This campaign is recommended to pay attention to Single 3.

(Available) One goal for a few times: England, Spain

In the England group stage, it broke into the top 16 with an undefeated record of 2 wins and 1 draw. The overall strength was still very good. In the face of the game, he defeated Ecuador 2-1, reversed the opponent to obtain the group out, and the team’s morale Senegal.The agency has given a lot of concessions, and the index of England still has a trend of lowering. For England’s profits, it is recommended to trust England to win in this field; Morocco defeated Canada 2-1.Good results, good status, this campaign faced 1-2 to Japan to defeat Japan. In Spain with a decline in two consecutive group stages, the institutions gave a goal for a lot of concessions, but the Spanish indexesHigh, the organization still has no full tilt for Spain, and this campaign is recommended to leverage.

(Accepted) Hemisphere to make the ball several times: Netherlands, Portugal

The first three rounds of the Dutch group stage achieved an undefeated record of 2 wins and 1 draw, and successfully qualified for the first qualification of the group. In the face of the group stage, the record scored 1 win and 2 draws.In the United States, the agencies are given the concession of the hemisphere. For the strength of the Dutch lineup, it is still slightly confident. The proposal is to focus on the level; Portugal is 1-2 to South Korea, and the team will win 3 consecutive victories, but the team as a whole is the overall team.The play is still very good. In the face of the 3-2 reversal defeat of Serbia to get promotion, the team’s morale Switzerland, the institution gives the concession of the hemisphere, and there is still some confidence in the Portuguese lineup strength.Portugal is undefeated.

Make less ball games (1): Japan, Sandlan, Milton, Lincoln City

Japan played 2-1 in the last group stage to reverse Spain to get qualifying. The team’s morale was very strong. In the face of the 0-0 game of Belgium, this campaign was promoted in a thrlers.Most of the concessions of the flat half, and the index of Croatia still has a tendency to rise. It is not good for Croatia, and the recommendations are highly defensive in this field.10, the home is insufficient at home. In the face of the recent 10 games, the undefeated rate of 10 % reached 80 %, and the status was good.Tilt, it is recommended to be all -inclusive in this field.

Milton Keynes lost in the FA Cup. In the last 4 games, there were 3 games and inadequate status. This game faced the recent away trend of the away game.For Burton with a lower customer war capability, the agency gives up the concession of Ping Gan, and there is still insufficient confidence in the home team’s home at home. This is recommended to be uniformly included in this battle.For three consecutive games, the state of the state is heating back. This campaign faces the promotion in the face of the penalty kick in the British Championship.The index is low, which is good for the home team. It is recommended that the main team can pay attention to the undefeated home team.

Make less ball games (2): Derby County, Oxford Union, Weikim

Derby County played in the FA Cup. In the last 9 games, he has not lost his defeat and achieved a good result of 4 wins and 5 draws. This campaign has won in the FA Cup in the face of the player.Very good Xie on Wednesday, the institutions have given the flat half concession. For Xie Wednesday’s lineup strength, this campaign is recommended to pay attention to Xie Wednesday undefeated;Various events have won 3 consecutive games. The overall momentum is good in the near future. This campaign has won in the FA Cup in the face of the FA Cup. In the last 4 games, there are good results of 3 wins and 1 draw. The Oxford Federation with a good state.Most of the concessions are concessions. For Oxford Lian’s lineup strength, there is still no high view of the lineup.Weicham is not good at fighting at home recently. In the last 5 home, it has not won. This campaign needs to be careful. The game at home will defeat Milton 3-2 at home.For the good results, Park Mouth, the institution only gave a concession of flat hand. For Wekim’s home momentum, there was still no full tilt. This is recommended to all include it.

Stable Bald Field: Argentina, France, Brazil

Boschie: England, Spain, Spain

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