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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22146 hot and cold index: Iran is tough and undefeated


Hot and cold index

Based on the real support ratio, combined with instant data and expected values, the simulation calculation is an fitted virtual data that is fitted under all models, that is, the hot and cold index. Then compare the three -time index with the hot and cold index to obtain the degree of cold and heat from the specific corresponding options to avoid heat and cooling for the lottery, and provide a reference for scientific choices.

Instructions for the use of the hot and cold index, in the hot and cold list:

The red value represents the heat, the greater the deviation from the actual data, the higher the heat.

The blue value represents cold, the greater the actual data deviation, the lower the heat.

Options with high heat need to consider heat avoidance in combination with other factors.

Options with low popularity need to be appropriately selected in combination with other factors.

Hot Options: Iran, England

Iran reversed the decline in the last round and defeated Wales 2-0. If the team won this game, it can be determined to be promoted. If you tie, it depends on the fruit of England and Wales. From the team starting point, Iran may adopt a conservative counterattack fight. Law. The United States scored 2 points with England in the last round. In this game, it was determined to be promoted. Unexpectedly, the team should hold an offensive momentum. In terms of the strength of the two teams, the upper limit of the American talent is higher, but the coach will not be used, Iran has better overall integrity, and the team’s psychological level has an advantage, which is optimistic and unbeaten.

England basically stabilizes the qualifying situation. The team’s net winning leadership has a large advantage. As long as it is not a large score defeat in this field, the loss can be promoted, and the team’s mentality occupies the upper hand. Wales must win the vitality of the ball. The team is expected to actively attack. Considering the insufficient issue of British warfare, there is still a cold space in this field. Combining outside the field factors, it is recommended to go to both ends.

Heating options: Ecuador, Saudi Arabia

Ecuador can be promoted by the undefeated field, and the team is expected to continue to adopt a defensive counterattack. Senegal has poor organization capacity, the team’s midfield control is insufficient, and the strength of the weak brigade can occupy an advantage. It is difficult to make every effort in the face of strong teams. Ecuador’s strength is higher, the data has a certain advantage, and the power is unbeaten.

Mexico is invincible, the team lineup aging is prominent, and the offensive organization is relatively low. However, the team still has a chance to qualify. It needs to attack and beat Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s scores and net wins are also backward. The team must not only adhere to the front, but also pay attention to another game, with great psychological pressure. Mexico’s adversity has excellent ability. The team focuses on passing control. The maturity and strength of the technical and tactical maturity must be stronger than the opponent.

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