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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22145 issue: Japan single 3 credible



The 22145th issue of the winner is composed of 14 World Cup games. This issue is more difficult to competition. There are only 1 game in the game field, and the concessions are not much. There are some hemispheres or semi -concessions, and the institutions have not tilted enough. At the same time, in the first round, this World Cup has already appeared a lot of unpopular goals. The second round still needs to be careful. It takes more attention, which still increases the difficulty of guessing. Below, the general analysis of this issue:

The game with more concessions: Japan

There are 1 games in this period. Japan’s first game reversed to defeat Germany 2-1, and the team’s morale was strong. This campaign may strive to win. In the face of this game, they lost to Spain 0-7 and encountered blood washing. In Costa Rica, the institution gives a lot of concessions for a half of the ball. It is still very trustworthy for the technical and tactics of Japan’s first game. This campaign is recommended to pay attention to Japan’s winning.

(Available) One goal to make the ball a few times: England, Brazil

The first game of the World Cup in England defeated Iran in the first game, but the team lost 2 goals, and the defensive end was not concentrated. In the face of 1-1 in the first game, the team was still acceptable. In the United States, which is unbeaten, the agencies give the concession for concessions. The institution still has a high look for England, but because the index of England is high, the institution is not confident. At present, the world’s first team has Neymar and others, and it is also popular in the championship. It is still worth looking forward to. In the face of the first game, this campaign has 1-0 Sheng Cameroon. In Switzerland, the agencies have given a lot of concessions to make a goal. For Brazil’s lineup strength, this campaign suggests that Brazil can trust Brazil.

(Accepted) Hemisphere/one goal several times: Qatar, Netherlands, Poland, Argentina

Qatar’s first game was missed and encountered black. This campaign still had a full-scale warfare. In the face of the first game, it faced 0-2 to the Netherlands. The team lost the ball in the last moment. The divided Senegal, the institution gives the half of the concessions, and there is still a certain look at the strength of Senegal’s lineup. At the same time, it also looks at the strength of the lower Qatar’s lineup. This suggestion is recommended to win Senegal to win. The group stage won 2-0 victory over Senegal and occupied the initiative of the out of the line. This campaign still needs to win the score. In the face of the World Cup unveiling battle, the host Qatar 2-0 in the World Cup. Most, for the strength of the Dutch lineup, it is still slightly inadequate, and the proposal is to focus on flattening.

Poland tied Mexico 0-0, but Laiwan penalties lost penalty kicks. In the face of Saudi Arabia, you still need to strive for three points. In the first round of the group stage, the team reversed to defeat Argentina. The interested Saudi Arabia, the institutions give up the concessions of the half, seem to have insufficient confidence in Poland, but I personally feel that the overall strength of Saudi Arabia is still insufficient. It may not be easy for this battle to burst again. Argentina has already ranked at the bottom of the group, and the probability of outsiders has plummeted. In this game, it is bound to win the victory. In the first round of the group stage, this game will be tied with Poland in the first round of the group stage. There may be a concentration of concessions to give me half a concession, but there may be a full heat for Argentina who has a victory. It is not good for Argentina. It is recommended to leverage in this field.

(Accepted) Hemisphere to make the ball several times (1): France, Belgium, Croatia

In the first round of the French group stage, it was easily defeated Australia with a score of 4-1, getting the opening of the door, and excellent status. In the face of the first round of this group, the game failed to defeat Tunisia and tied the opponent 0-0. Denmark, the agency gives the hemisphere to concessions, and the strength of the French lineup is still insufficient. At the same time, Danish has a little French nemesis recently. This is recommended to focus on the level. The team is still relatively passive. In the face of the campaign, the Croatia was tied 0-0, and the overall play was good. The defense end also played well. This campaign cannot be underestimated. The strength of the lineup is still not full. The suggestions of this campaign are focused on flatness, and they are cautious.

Croatia was tied by Morocco 0-0. The team’s overall performance is not ideal. This campaign still needs to strive for three points. In the face of 0-1 to Belgium, it is a pity to lose points. In Canada, the agencies are mostly concessions to the hemisphere. The institution has a certain fear of Canada’s energy. I am afraid that Croatia is not confident.

(Accepted) Hemisphere to make the ball several times (2): Cameroon, Portugal

Cameroon lost to Switzerland 0-1 in the first game. The team encountered black opening and was affected. In the face of the first game facing Brazil, the team’s overall lineup was still very strong, but the defensive end needed to pay more attention to Serbia. The agency has given the hemisphere to concessions. For Serbia, there is still no high view of this campaign. The proposal of this campaign focuses on flattening; Portugal, as a Ronaldo team, often does not lack the topic. It means that this campaign is still slightly aging in the face of the overall lineup, and the line of defense is not as stable as before. Uruguay that needs to pay attention to this point. Large single all -inclusive. Make less ball games: Spain, South Korea

Spain won 7-0 in the first game in Costa Rica in the first game, gained the start of the goal. This campaign strives to continue scoring. In the face of this game, it will lose to Japan 1-2. With full Germany, the institution only gives the concession of flat hand, and there is no tilt of the two teams. The suggestions of this battle are all included; the overall strength of South Korea is still good. There are more travel players in the big list. The overall strength is not prominent, and it is currently only ranked 61st in the world. This campaign may be difficult to see Ghana. Bag.

Stable Bald Field: England, Japan, Japan

Boschie: Netherlands, Poland, Argentina

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