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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22145 hot and cold index: Dutch Belgium anti -cooling


Hot and cold index

Based on the real support ratio, combined with instant data and expected values, the simulation calculation is an fitted virtual data that is fitted under all models, that is, the hot and cold index. Then compare the three -time index with the hot and cold index to obtain the degree of cold and heat from the specific corresponding options to avoid heat and cooling for the lottery, and provide a reference for scientific choices.

Instructions for the use of the hot and cold index, in the hot and cold list:

The red value represents the heat, the greater the deviation from the actual data, the higher the heat.

The blue value represents cold, the greater the actual data deviation, the lower the heat.

Options with high heat need to consider heat avoidance in combination with other factors.

Options with low popularity need to be appropriately selected in combination with other factors.

Hot Options: Netherlands, Belgium

The Netherlands was fortunately defeated Senegal at the last moment. In fact, the team’s hidden dangers were not small, and the offense would inevitably have omissions. Ecuador’s main counterattack. The two teams are currently 3 points. It is expected that the attack will not easily suppress the attack. They will adopt a relatively stable play trend. As a high -heat popular team, the Netherlands should not be able to win in psychological construction.

Belgium relied on a fast counterattack to penetrate the situation. The team’s three central defender system was unstable, but the players were experienced and tough. Morocco tied with Croatia in the first battle. The team counterattacked sharply and failed to win. It was poorly lucky. This is expected to continue to adhere to the situation. Essence

Heat options: Croatia, England

Croatia tied the first battle with Morocco. In the face of Canada, which faced the relatively weak strength of the group, the team is expected to win all. From the perspective of Canada’s first battle, the team’s overallness is acceptable, but the efficiency is low, the player’s talent limit is not high, Croatia has a strong sense of victory, and the team’s organization’s offensive ability is acceptable.

In the first game of the England group stage, the friendship match was changed. The team easily defeated Iran, who was known for its defensive stability, but the team also lost 2 goals. The United States tied the first battle with Wales, and the team did not use all the players of European European players, so they performed in general. The two teams are close to the style of play, but in the upper limit of battle experience and strength, England must occupy the upper hand, and we are optimistic about sitting and wins.

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