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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22145 Betting Strategy: Argentina’s recommended flat


Betting strategy

This issue of this issue of Friday is composed of 14 World Cup games. This issue is more difficult. There are only one game that is full of concessions. There are also some hemispheres or semi -concessions. The tilt strength given by the institution is not enough. At the same time, in the first round, this World Cup has appeared a lot of unpopular goals. The second round still needs to be careful. It still needs to be paid more attention, which still increases the difficulty of guessing.

Let’s take a look at the key sessions of this issue: the Netherlands facing Ecuador only gives only half a way to concession, and there is still insufficient confidence in the Netherlands.

Because Argentina lost the first game, this campaign must compete for victory. In the face of Mexico only given half a concession, the organization still has no full support for Argentina’s war.

In the face of Costa Rica’s concession, the agency still gave confidence in the performance of Japan’s first game. This campaign is recommended to pay attention to Japan’s victory.

In this issue, the 8th Belgium VS Morocco, the 9th Croatia VS Canada, the 10th Spain VS Germany, the 12th Korean VS Ghana and the 14th Portugal VS Uruguay are difficult games, and let the nine abandon.

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  1. Argentina does not need to be flat at home!IntersectionIntersection

  2. The data and the match are wrong, please correct it!

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