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[Sina Lottery] Football Lottery 22144 issue: Germany needs to prevent cooling level



The 22144 Issue 22144 is mainly composed of 14 World Cup games. The difficulty of this issue of the guessing is still 9 games with a lot of concessions, but some games are not enough. There are still fewer games in the game, but it should be noted that most of the teams in the World Cup are more unfamiliar with, and the World Cup has no weak travel. Some strong teams need to set up an unpopular emergence. In the middle. Below, the general analysis of this issue:

Tips for concessions (1): England, Argentina, Denmark

There are 9 games with a lot of concessions in this issue. In the final 10 rounds of the World Cup qualifier, England achieved 8 wins and 2 draws in the final 10 rounds, and successfully ranked among the main matches. In the face of the 10 games of the Top 12 games in the World Cup qualifiers, only 4 goals were lost. In Iran with good quality, the agency gives the half of the giving up half a concession. It is still inclined for England’s lineup, but the current lineup of England has a certain injury. Strong traffic team, the lineup leader led by Messi is excellent, and the offense and defense are balanced. This campaign faces the prospect of the World Cup very dim. It can be basically said that the team and the other three teams are not on a horizontal line. For Argentina’s lineup strength, there is still a full look. It is recommended to pay attention to Single 3.

Denmark has a record of 9 wins and 1 loss in the 10 -round group stage in the preliminaries of the World Championship. He is promoted by the first group of the group. The strength is good. In this game, there are five major leagues in the lineup in the lineup. In Tunisia, the agency gives a lot of concessions for a half of the ball. It still has a certain tilt for Denmark, but the confidence is not enough. This campaign recommends that large single -double -choice wins and defeats.

Tips for concessions (2): France, Germany, Spain

France won the championship in the last World Cup. In this World Cup, the team’s current lineup is affected, and the strength of the midfield and backcourt is discounted. In the face of the big list, there are still many players who play in the Australian Super League. The overall strength is not strong. In Australia, the institution gives a concession for half two goals and concessions. It still has sufficient support for the French lineup strength. This battle proposes to trust France to win. Germany still has to strive to rebound. This campaign has played well in the two recent warm -up games, but the team still has a certain injury to Japan. Without sufficient confidence, this campaign is recommended to leverage.

The last World Cup in Spain changed coaches. In this World Cup, this campaign should want to get a big start. This campaign has a good status in the recent warm -up competition. In the last 3 games, Costa Rica, who has achieved 2 wins and 1 draw. The concessions of half two goals for the ball are still supported by Spain’s lineup, and it also reflects the gap between the strength of the two teams. This campaign suggests that Spain can win.

Tips for concessions (3): Belgium, Portugal, Brazil

Belgium has all reached the top 8 in the last 2 World Cup, and its performance is very eye -catching, but the team’s successors have insufficient successors. In the face of this campaign, they have been among the World Cup for a long time, but the team’s overall strength is still inadequate. Most of the concessions for the half of the game, but the Belgian lineup still has a slight injuries. In this campaign, it is recommended to set up a defense bureau. Portugal’s recent World Cup has been played average. The 18th World Cup has fallen in the top 16. Currently, Ronaldo is also at the forefront. In the face of African teams, there is a strong physical confrontation ability, Ghana, who has a good overall defense force, and the institution gives a game and a half concession. It still has certain confidence in Portugal’s hard power, but confidence is not sufficient. , This campaign is recommended to be unpopular.

Brazil has been eliminated by the European team during the World Cup knockout stage for four consecutive consecutive sessions. This session is strong and strong, and it is necessary to strive for good results. This campaign is very strong in the face of the frontcourt. There are many concessions for the half of the ball, but the Brazilian index is high, which is still unfavorable to Brazil. It is recommended that the campaign is unbounded.

(Accepted) Hemisphere/one goal to make the ball several times: Netherlands, Uruguay

Senegal’s recent friendly match was insufficient, and Malaysia was injured. The overall blow to the team was greater. In the face of the preliminaries of the World Championship, Lan Lan successfully won the main match with 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. The agency has given half a concession. For the strength of the Dutch lineup, there is still no full support. The recommendation of this battle is to focus on flattening. It is still good. Although the Korean side faced in this campaign is the strongest lineup, Sun Xingyi is very likely to absent from this game. The agency gives me half a concession. This campaign is recommended to pay attention to Uruguay.

(Accepted) Hemisphere to make the ball several times: Morocco

Morocco played 3 warm -up competitions before the World Cup, achieved an undefeated record of 2 wins and 1 draw, and was in good condition. In the face of this campaign, he faced 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the preliminaries. The lineup strength is still relatively strong. In Croatia, the institution gives the concession of the hemisphere. It still has no full support for Croatia’s lineup. This campaign is recommended to be cautious. Make less ball games: the United States, Mexico

The United States wants to qualify for a group. It is still critical to face Wales’s three -pointer in this game. This campaign is full of war. This campaign faces Wales, which is slightly a little bit light and light in the face of the game in the playoffs. Most of the concessions of Pingxian, there is still no full support for the United States to win. The recommendations of this battle are all included; Mexico has reached the top 16 consecutive World Cup. The overall performance in the World Cup is relatively stable. The World Cup has been promoted through the playoffs. Poland, which has excellent overall strength of the team, only gives a flat hand concession. The two teams are not tilted. This battle is recommended.

Steady Bald Field: Argentina, France, Spain, Spain

Boschie: England, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil

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