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Simmons’s status recovery scores innovation high +19 efficiency becomes a Net thigh

On November 21, Beijing time, the Brooklyn Nets team faced the Memphis Grizzlies at home. Ben Simmons performed well in this game and led the Nets to defeat the opponent 127-15.

In this game, Kaili Owen returned. Simmons returned to the start. He played in 34 minutes. He scored 22 points in 13 in 13 shots. At the same time, he had 8 rebounds and 5 assists.The positive and negative efficiency value of Simmons was +19, and was the player with the highest efficiency value of the two teams.

In the first nine games of the Nets, Simmons has been relatively sluggish, and he scored only 47 points in total.With the recovery of his personal state, Simmons scored 48 points in the last three games to retrieve the feeling in Philadelphia.

22 points are Simmons’s single -game scores this season, and also set a record for his scoring since joining the Nets.

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  1. Knowing shame and bravery

  2. Reply
    LittleRainPoint1971Home 11月 22, 2022 at 3:14 上午

    I personally think that changing the coach to the Nets is the most correct choice. Now if the Nets are united, the future is immeasurable.

  3. These two games are playing very well [hee hee]

  4. Which Ximen officials are back!个

  5. Finally like a champion, I do n’t know how long it can last. If the Wolong Phoenix Hagis of the Nets can remain normal, it is still very competitive

  6. The right penalty of 0.|| This hanging hair is this Two games are so good

  7. Simmons is normal. Blue nets are still watched

  8. Is it possible that they did not punish it [Yun Bei]

  9. However, everyone still refuses to call him another Emperor [Er Ha]

  10. He only has the talent -type defense brought by height wingspan, but his personality is definitely not stubborn, let alone the lethality score you said

  11. It is only the eighteen -level Sun Yue of the high match

  12. 11 in 11 points. This is really no free throw and three points

  13. Although it is very high, it is also much higher than Sun Yue. Yue

  14. His value is not scored, and the score is never the basic of basketball. The efficient and lethal scores and tenacious defense are the primary of competitive basketball.

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