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Simmons’s magic law: 19 wins and 3 losses in the game without free throw

On January 9th, Beijing time, the Brooklyn Nets team beat Miami Heat 102 to 101 away. In this game, Ben Simmons performed sluggishly and scored only 4 points in the audience.However, a magical law in the game was fulfilled again today.

In this game, Simmons played 29 minutes, scored 4 of 4 of 4 shots, plus 7 assists and 7 rebounds.There is no free throw in Simmons, and this law also greatly increases the probability of winning the Nets.

Data statistics show that when Simmons has no free throw, the Nets have a record of 19 wins and 3 losses this season.In a game, when Simmons had a free throw, the Nets’ record was 1 win and 7 losses.

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